Sailing Tomorrow? Lightings in Leesylvania and some sweet sailing videos

Tomorrow looks like better weather than we had last weekend, so who’s up for some sailing? After last weekend, the weather can only get better. The Lightings are in Leesylvania, so I’m hoping to see a good number of cats, Bucs and Albacores, as everyone is guaranteed at least one more start than normal!

This weekend is the annual Doc Gilbert Regatta in Leesylvania State Park. This is the first of two regattas hosted by Lighting Fleet 50 the year – the second is the Dixie Districts. Information on the Doc Gilbert Regatta is here:

The Olympics are this year, and the US Sailing Team is well represented, but the Swiss, so far, have the best multimedia. If you find yourself stuck inside, check out some awesome video of the Swiss Sailing Team here: and here: