Lasers ghosting downwind during a Frostbite race

Laser Fleet

A Laser is a lightweight single person boat that is easy to sail but a challenge to sail well.  It can be cartopped or trailered.  Brand new Lasers cost about $6,500 but older used Lasers can be found for $1,000.  Over 200,000 Lasers have been built since its introduction in 1972, and so Laser sailors are everywhere.  Get one and join the fun!

The Laser Fleet is one of the largest fleets at PRSA. They sail throughout the year, but once it gets cold they come out in full force. The Frostbite season starts in November and runs until March. They regularly have 15 to 25 boats on the line each week during the Frostbite season.

Catch up on the Frostbite on the water write-ups, filled with insight and wisdom from our top laser sailors, and view recent Frostbite season standings on PRSA’s Results page.

Join the PRSA Laser Fleet Email List. This list is used for announcements of upcoming laser events and general communication among the fleet. Once you are a member, you can email the members of the list by sending an email to