2021 Lightning Fall Series 7

To PRO Bob Astrove’s surprise the wind started off from the SW and he set up the course that way.  But after the I20s were off and just as the Lightnings were to start the wind shifted to the west.

Tom got a good start at the boat closing off Ed Lane but John came in just behind and he and Janine sailed high and fast  to get to the windward mark on a single tack.  By that time, the wind had gone even further right and John simply gybed and headed on a reach back to the leeward mark.  Meanwhile, on Shadowfax we tried to raise the chute and gybe.  It wasn’t pretty.  We fell way behind.

The RC reset the course for race 2 and raised the T2 flag — two triangles.   The reaching legs were quite tight and so flying the chute was not a given.   Frank raised it and passed us on one leg but then foolishly tried to carry it on the next and lost.   Otherwise, we did our best to remember how to make the Lightning go fast on a jib reach — we don’t do it very often.

As always it is great fun being out on the water and doing the best one can with the wind and the waves.

Only one more before the boats need to be stored away for the winter.

Cumulative championship results: