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2023 Fall Series – Nov 5

Dane Pederson and team ran four races for us on a beautiful late fall day, which was the last of our fall series.

The wind was absent until about noon when it filled in gently from the north and by the third race there were stronger shots from the NW.

21 boats were on the water — racing and running them.






(races 18-21, but mis-numbered the races for Albacores and Lightnings which are numbered 18, 20-22)

2023 Fall Series – Cumulative Scores thru 10-29

November 5th will be the last of the fall series.

The cumulative scores below are intended to motivate you to come out.  Please do!

A few notes about the scores:

The race dates and race number are out of order:

Sep 17    races 8-11
Oct 1  races 1-3 & 17
Oct 8  races 4-7
Oct 15 races 12-13
Oct 29 races 14-16

To be counted as a race for your class, there must have been 1 or more finishers

Half, rounded-down, of your worst scores are thrown out

If you were on RC when there was a race in your class, you will get RDG but that has not been calculated yet.  Plus, I often did not know who (sail numbers) were on RC.

I20-thru 10-29 three TOs no RDG for RC

Laser-thru 10-29 4 TOs no RDG for RC

Bucs-thru 10-29 4 TOs no RDG for RC

Lightnings-thru-10-29 seven TOs no RDG for RC

Albacore-thru 10-29 seven TOs no RDG for RC

2023 Fall Series – October 8

Stew Harris and team ran the races.  He reports:

A blustery day of racing. Results and sign-in attached.
Frank Gallagher capsized but got himself up and went in immediately.

I need some tips on best location for reaching mark with Olympic courses. At first, I was trying to imagine best location for symmetrical spinnaker but when they didnt open chutes I had trouble finding the right location so they could reach well. Less room for error when the winds are up.  It took a couple races before I got close.

Also very interesting. I got reports the windward mark was seeing massive 60 degree shifts. Upon reflection, this may have been due to proximity to the airboat hanger on the shore of the airport. In the future, faced with  westerlies, I will set the windward mark farther north or south of the hangar.





2023 Fall Series Sept 17

Cloudy conditions threatened rain all day, but we managed to escape with only a drizzle on the sail out.

A shifty southwesterly settled into a nice southerly after the second race allowing the racecourse to be stretched out for some longer races in the slightly stronger breeze.

In total, four races were sailed. A huge thank you to the rest of the race committee helping out this week:  Bob, John, and Piercarlo, and thanks to all the sailors for coming out and making it a fun day off and on the water. See you all next week!

– Stephen