Kyra Tallon, Commodore                         Kyra grew up on the waters of the finger lakes and Lake Ontario in western NY. Much of that time was spent on water skis, as her family traded their Catalina for a power boat when she was about nine years old. As an adult, Kyra took a learn to sail class to supplement the few sailing basics she remembered from early childhood. Shortly after that, a chance encounter with a coworker introduced her to racing and led to several years of crewing on a buccaneer 18. Within a few years Kyra had acquired a buccaneer of her own and has been racing buccaneers regularly at PRSA ever since. You can find her during the sailing season sailing her bucc, her laser or just about and anything else she’s invited to sail on.

William Phillippe, Vice CommodorePresidents Cup-1-14

Will first got out on the water as a Boy Scout canoeing. He switched to power boating when his older brother built a plywood  hydroplane in the high school shop from  Popular Mechanic’s DIY encyclopedia plans. They took the power boat out every weekend and then spent the week patching the boat back up to use the next weekend during the summer. That winter they re-powered the boat with a bigger engine.  Will built his own plywood V hull boat a few years later. At W&M he joined the sailing team and learning to sail Fj’s to get back on the water. After moving to DC and finding PRSA he started crewing on Lightning’s before buying his own with two sailing friends from W&M.

Nabeel Alsalam, Rear Commodore Nabeel first learned to sail in high school when he built a wooden sailfish out of a kit. He had great fun sailing and capsizing it on the James River and planing like mad as the winds kicked up before a storm. But he didn’t start racing sailboats until the early 1980s when a colleague at the University of Rochester recruited him to do forward crew on a Thistle. He has been hooked on one-design sailboat racing ever since. In 1997, he decided he had enough of crewing on other peoples’ boats. After checking out the fleets at PRSA, he settled on the Lightning because the fleet is strong and the 3-person spinnaker boat reminded him of his Thistle days. From day 1, he has been very active in that fleet. He is also one of the crazies who go sailing all winter long on Lasers and if you are crazy too, he’ll find you a boat to borrow. In his day job, he is an economist at the Congressional Budget Office, but who cares? He’s married with two kids, but he has failed to get any of them hooked on the sport. He is still trying.
Yates Dowell, Treasurer and Catamaran Fleet Captain Yates and his wife Judy started teaching themselves to sail about twenty years ago. Soon after that Bob Laughlin asked him to crew on his Albacore and he loved it. Later on he crewed on a Hobie cat also. Then, Yates went out of town for a week on business and while he was away Judy and daughter Lisa bought a used Hobie as a surprise. So the family had a boat to race and they’ve been racing ever since.
Nich Allen, Secretary
Jim Lane, Member at Large

Jim, in an effort to overcome his near-debilitating addiction to cat juggling and the many disfiguring scars caused by this maligned underground sport, took up sailing as an alternative way to keep his hands busy.  Since hitting the water, he hasn’t looked back (mostly because the other boats are almost always ahead of him).  Lisa-Marie, his cohabitant, with a highly tenacious and competitive nature, of course has taken their foray into sailing to a new level.  Not to be outdone, Jim has fed his wife’s addiction to boats by not only traveling to New Orleans to get her priceless Lightning “As You Wish…”, but has also collected two and a half Lasers, and four El Toro prams.   Apparently they haven’t figured out you can’t sail multiple boats at the same time…but heck, sure beats flinging kittens into the air…

Jim Graham, Albacore Fleet Captain Jim and his wife Susan learned to sail on the White Nile in Sudan at the age of 37! Subsequently we’ve sailed 505’s, Fireballs, Albacores and Lasers, with uniformly mid-fleet results — it pays to learn to sail young! I served as Commodore for PRSA in 1999-2001 and have rejoined the executive committee as a member-at-large with time on my hands to help out sailing on the Potomac. We hope to sail as long as we can rig the boat!
Nic Bogren, Buccaneer Fleet Captain

Nic’s dad thought it best to start early, so while Nic was still in the womb, he took him on his first sail. Growing up, Nic sailed mostly on keel boats in California; a Catalina 22 on Folsom Lake, some sort of Vanguard and an Ericson 33 on the San Francisco Bay. As he got older, a Laser and Bic Windsurfer in Davis and on Lake Tahoe. Later, in college, on a Swan 38 in the Bay and up and down the coast of California and most recently, on an Alerion 28 on the west coast of Sweden. In college he had a semi-floater windsurfer, sailing out of the Berkeley Marina, off of Chrissy Field and on the Sacramento River in Rio Vista (no wetsuit needed!). In 2014 Nic biked down to the WSM to check out what was going on, saw a Buccaneer out in the Cove and a few months later had a Bucc of his own. He and his daughter now sail with PRSA and in local Buccaneer regattas.

Dan Dunham, Laser Fleet Captain ….
Lisa-Marie Lane, Lightning Fleet CaptainLM Lane PRSA  Lisa-Marie grew up around boats and being on the water, but started sailing in 1989, when she joined her husband Jim living aboard an Islander Freeport 36’ in San Francisco, CA (he bought the boat and then proposed…). Lisa-Marie & Jim have always had a enjoyed sailing and owning small sailboats, but it was not until early 2013, when they moved their Lightning to the WSM and joined PRSA/Fleet 50, that sailing became an active passion in her life.  She jumped into racing, crewing as a regular for Bob Gotthardt until this past May, when she started skippering her own boat “As You Wish…”  She has a passion for learning as much as possible about racing & sailing and more importantly,  a patient supporting husband who supports her sailing addiction!
Heather Irene Howard, Committee for Social Activities & Outreach
Melissa Morgan, Committee for Social Activities & Outreach
Laura Lake, Committee for Sustainability.