RC & Boat Instructions

So, you have the job of running RC this Sunday.  Thank you!  Without volunteers like you there would be no sailboat racing.   Please take the time to read through all of the information posted here so that you are prepared to run safe and enjoyable races.

The Principal Race Officer (PRO) is required to hold a skipper’s meeting at 1000 in the area near the launch cranes.  The PRO should report the risk assessment for the day and announce any other weather or safety-related concerns.  This means paying attention to weather reports and other information Saturday and Sunday morning before arriving at the marina.  Please refer to the PRSA “Decision to Race Based on a Risk Assessment” guidelines in making this decision.  Additional information on the skipper’s meeting and other aspects of RC service can be found below.

Planning the Work

Operating the RC Boats: each person on the RC must review the instructions for use and care of our PRSA skiffs. If you have any questions or problems with a boat you should contact PRSA Vice Commodore Dave Couglin.

RC Equipment
Organizing On Shore
Check-In and Setting a Course
The Start & Finish
  • RRS Rule 26 (5-minute starts) is used for PRSA Sunday Series races and on the upper course at PRSA regattas.  RRS Appendix U (Audible Signal Racing System) is used by the Laser fleet and on the lower course at PRSA regattas.  Remember to record the race start time so that you can determine whether boats finish within the time limit (Rule 35).
  • Postponements: the AP is your friend!  Make sure you know how to use it to make your life easier when running RC.
  • Signaling ‘Over Early’ boats and General Recalls (Rule 29)
  • Shortening or Changing Course (Rules 32 and 33)
  • Recording finishes requires careful attention to detail!  Make sure to use a PRSA Order of Finish Sheet to write down the sail # of boats as they finish each race.  Do not organize by class, clean up, or reorder the listing — the scorer needs just a straight list of sail numbers as they finish to score the races properly.
After the Races
  • Results: The check-in sheet and the order of finish sheet for race should be scanned and emailed to prsaboard@gmail.com. Do NOT try to compile the results, clean up the order of finish sheets, or otherwise rewrite the scores.  The scoring program will do that and anything you do to sort or reorder the scores will just make the scorer’s work harder!
  • Equipment Report: Email an equipment report to prsaboard@gmail.com, including information on the gas level in each skiff as well as any damage/breakage, operating problems, maintenance issues or other information that the next user of the boat would need to know.