Annual Meeting Notes and Documents

Fleet 50 Annual General Meeting Notes

March 3, 2024 at Frank & Maryann Gallagher’s House

Meeting Notes from Frank

It was well represented with 8 boat owners, 12 skippers and many other family members and friends of the fleet.

The highlight of the meeting had to be the arrival of Jess Harrington and her 7 week old baby, “Miles“ Harrington. Congratulations, Jess!  He’s beautiful.

Lots of discussion centered around getting more boats on the starting line in 2024.  All attendees agreed, and we hope to accomplish this with better fleet communication.

Aaron Boesenecker summarized the best way to communicate with Fleet50 is to:

  1. Write-up Fleet50 stories or activity. Any format will do.
  2. Send it in an email to post it to
  3. Request Nabeel or Aaron to post it to the Fleet50 website.
  4. Request Nabeel or AAron or Jeff Witten to post it to the Fleet50 Google Drive for historical safekeeping.
  5. For Regatta announcements or results send it to Bob Astrove to post to the ILCA website.
  6. Lindsay Bach prepared handouts summarizing Fleet50 sailing activity in 2023 and additional data.  This is great data–thanks again, Lindsay!
    1. 2023 Lightning Fleet 50 Index
    2. 2023 Fleet 50 Summary

Jeff Witten gave a short summary of Fleet50 financial information. We seem to be in very good shape, with an ending cash balance of $5367.57.

The Potomac cup regatta will be combined with the Dixie district championship this coming year at Leesylvania on Saturday-Sunday, June 29 and 30.  The Leesylvania Park cleanup day will be, June 22 as usual, the Saturday before the Regatta.  Nabeel will be the Regatta chairman.

Red Fehrle and Susan have volunteered to be grill masters, replacing years of culinary delights by Lindsay Bach.  Nelson Pemberton has agreed to be Regatta PRO.  And of course, Jim Dillard will continue to work with Park authorities, and Yuengling beer for refreshments.

  • Nabeel, Aaron,  and Lindsay’s work was summarized at the trophy presentation as follows:
  • The All Weather crew award was one by Sheila Callahan
  • The Bloody Rudder award seems to be a tie between Bob, Astro and Aaron Boesenecker. Tie to be broken at a later date.
  • The Fleet50 championship awards showed 11 lightning racing last year with:
    • 5th place to Piercarlo Brunino
    • 4th place to Lindsay Bach
    • 3rd place to Bob Astrove
    • 2nd place to Dane Petersen
    • 1st  place to Frank Gallagher

All five trophies are in the possession of Frank Gallagher So we can figure out who won in prior years, so appropriate trophy engraving can be accomplished, before distribution to 2023 winners..

Election of 2024 Fleet50 officers were voted on and accepted as..

  • Fleet Captain – Frank Gallagher
  • Fleet Treasurer – Jeff Witten
  • Fleet Secretary – Lindsay Bach
  • Fleet Scorer – Nabeel Alsalam

The meeting was adjourned.  

Refreshments and socializing continued with almost all getting to hold new baby Miles!