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2023 Spring Series #6 (May 14)

Jim Graham ran the races with Barney Harris running the mark boat.  Natalie Rehberger, Mike Heinsdorf, and Eva Hogan assisted.

The Lightnings were finishing day 2 of the Doc Gilbert Memorial Potomac Cup.

The winds were from the NE with shots from the ENE.   During the 3rd race, the winds died completely leaving the sailors helpless against the current pushing them up river.   The wind finally came back in to allow them to finish.

SS6 – Albacore

SS6 – I20

Lightning Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup Results

(Races 12-14)

2023 Spring Series #5 (May 7)

Dana Howe, John Van Voorhis, David Roberts, Austin Bradham, and Walter Truluck ran the races.

Winds were very light and a number of boats were still working their way up to the starting area at 1125 prompting a postponement. About 25 or so minutes later the Southerly filled in enough that we could manage two starts but we sent them on a W1 for Race One. The breeze filled in a little more allowing us to post W2 courses for races two and three.

At best I’d say we saw 8 kts with moderate current all day. The wind was mostly from the south (strait upriver) and would drift easterly once in a while.

— Dana Howe

Here are the results:

SS5 – Albacore

SS5 – Buccaneer

SS5 – I20

SS5 – Lightning

(Race 9-11 in the series)

2023 Spring Sunday Series #3

What a crazy wind day!  It started from the NW.   Died.  Came back from the east.   Went west.   Filled in from the south.   To their credit, the RC led by Justin Harler and Stas Burgiel of the I-20 fleet held their noses and started races.

Below are the scores.   Some sailors are falling through the cracks because they have not registered their intension to sail the series.  The only skippers I have in the scoring program are those that have registered.  So please register here.

SS3 – Albacore

SS3 – Buccaneer

SS3 – I20

SS3 – Lightning


2023 Spring Sunday Series #2

Stew Harris and I-20 team ran the races.  The southerly was steady and the wind was easy to handle.

The scoring has changed this season.   (And we are still figuring out the edge cases.)

1) boats must register their intension to sail in the series,  Use this link to register:

2) all registered boats are scored in each race,

3) race committee is given a provisional score of number of finishers but eventually will get their average among non-DNC (doing RC will help your series score), and

4) showing up at the marina gives you a DNS ( = number of finishers + 2) which is better than DNC ( = number registered) even if you don’t splash your boat.

SS2 – Albacore

SS2 – Buccaneer

SS2 – I20

SS2 – Laser

SS2 – Lightning

2022 Fall Series #8 (Nov 6)

Kyra Tallon ran the races.

The day’s results:






(Races 37-39)

And the final results for the Fall Series:






To qualify a boat must have sailed in 50% of the races and performed RC duty.

# indicates not enough races.

$ indicates not enough RC duty.

(Race 24-39, best 50 percent, e.g best 8 of 15 or 16  or best 7 of 13 or 14 or best 6 of 10 or 11)

2022 PRSA Fall Series # 7 (Oct 30)

Unfortunately, the wind gods did not favor us.

Nabeel Alsalam postponed on-shore and Lars & Dylan Rathjen went out on the river looking for any kind of sailable breeze.  It wasn’t there and Nabeel  after consulting with  assistant-PRO Dana Howe.abandoned the day’s races at 11:30.

That was too bad as 6 Lightning, 5 I-20s, 2 Albacore, and 2 or 3 Laser skippers were present.