Laser Frostbite Series

The Laser Frostbite Series is on Sundays from November through March. The first Sunday is generally the Sunday after the PRSA Annual General Meeting, and the last Sunday is generally the 2nd to last Sunday in March but could be the 3rd to last if Easter is in March. See the calendar.  The skipper’s meeting is at noon in the dry sail launch area (near the cranes) and the first race is at 12:30. No races are started after 3:30.

Notice of Races

Sailing Instructions

Participating skippers take turns running race committee. See the RC signup sheet.

While the fleet welcomes out-of-town guests, we ask in-town skippers to join PRSA.  See the membership application.

Join the PRSA Laser Fleet Email List. This list is used for announcements of upcoming laser events and general communication among the fleet. Once you are a member, you can email the members of the list by sending an email to