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Race Committee Service Sign-Up (please make sure to review the RC requirements (below) as you sign up for RC service) 

Skippers must fulfill RC obligations in each series that they wish to be scored in Frostbite, Spring or Fall. Skippers may carry over 1 RC slot from the Spring to the Fall series. RC Service Sign-up opens approximately one month before each series begins. Skippers that do not sign up for at least half their slots before the series begins may not be scored for the series.

  • Laser skippers fulfill obligations for the Frostbite Series by serving on RC for one or more of the following:
    • Laser Frostbite Series
    • Hangover Regatta  
    • Capital City Regatta
    • Presidents Cup Regatta
  • Skippers wishing to qualify for the spring or fall series may fulfill RC obligations by filling their required # of slots in any of the following:
    • Boat & equipment maintenance days (if you sign up for one of these you should be well-versed in power boat maintenance)
    • Capital City Laser Regatta
    • Easter Buccy Regatta
    • I-20 Cherry Blossom Regatta
    • Doc Gilbert Memorial Potomac Cup
    • PRSA Spring Regatta
    • PRSA Dinghy Open
    • PRSA Series #1-8
  • For the spring or fall series, skipper obligations are as follows:
    • Albacores: each skipper must fill 2 RC slots
    • Buccaneers: each skipper must fill 2 RC slots 
    • Catamarans: each skipper must fill 2 RC slots 
    • Flying Scot: each skipper must fill 2 RC slots 
    • I-20s: each skipper must fill 2 RC slots 
    • Lightnings: each skipper must fill 2 RC slots 
    • WETA/Laser (single-person boat): each skipper must fill 1 RC slot
  • Important Notes:
    • Racing will be cancelled if there is not a full RC signed up by 1900 on the day prior to scheduled racing.
    • Serving as a PRO (orange rows) or as Regatta Chair for one of our major regattas (light orange rows) counts for 2 slots.

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