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Race Committee Service Sign-Up (please make sure to review the RC requirements (below) as you sign up for RC service) 
  • Laser skippers fulfill obligations for the frostbite series by serving on RC for one or more of the following:
    • Laser Frostbite Series
    • Hangover Regatta  
    • Capital City Regatta
    • Presidents Cup Regatta
  • Skippers wishing to qualify for the spring and/or fall series may fulfill RC obligations by filling their required # of slots in any of the following:
    • Capital City Regatta
    • Spring/fall boat & equipment maintenance days (if you sign up for one of these you should be well-versed in power boat maintenance)
    • PRSA Spring Series #1-8
    • Easter Buccy Regatta
    • I-20 Cherry Blossom Regatta
    • Doc Gilbert Memorial Potomac Cup
    • PRSA Spring Regatta
    • PRSA Dinghy Open
    • PRSA Fall Series #1-8
  • For the spring/fall series, skipper obligations are as follows:
    • Albacores: each skipper must fill 4 RC slots
    • Buccaneers: each skipper must fill 4 RC slots 
    • Catamarans: each skipper must fill 4 RC slots 
    • I-20s: each skipper must fill 4 RC slots 
    • Lightnings: each skipper must fill 4 RC slots 
    • WETA/Laser (single-person boat): each skipper must fill 2 RC slots 
  • Important Notes:
    • Racing will be cancelled if there is not a full RC signed up by 1900 on the day prior to scheduled racing.
    • Serving as a PRO (orange rows) or as Regatta Chair for one of our major regattas (light orange rows) counts for 2 slots.

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