RC Duty Expectations

We can’t have races without volunteers to run them.  So please sign up to run or help run the race committee.  Each skipper racing in the spring or fall series is required to fulfill 2018 RC service obligations in the spring and/or fall series.  Each skipper racing in the spring/fall series is responsible for filling the following number of RC slots in the 2018 spring/falls series:

  • Albacores: 4 RC slots 
  • Buccaneers: 4 RC slots 
  • Catamarans: 4 RC slots 
  • I-20s: 4 RC slots 
  • Lightnings: 6 RC slots 
  • WETA/Laser (single-person boat): 2 RC slots 

When your crew, family, or friends come out to help on RC you get credit for their days!  Sailors who sail two classes of boats, for example, a Lightning during the regular season and Lasers during the winter, are expected to serve on RC in each series in which they race.

PRO’ing gets the sailor an additional day of credit because of the added organizational work that requires.  Helping the Vice-Commodore with boat maintenance also gets credit.

To see how much you and your fellow sailors have done so far and signed up for in the future click one of the links below:

By Fleet

By Skipper Name