Katherine Kiersch Memorial Perpetual Award

The Katherine Kiersch perpetual trophy is awarded to the woman who beats the most boats in her class in the Spring Regatta. In the case of a tie, the award is made to the woman placing higher in her own fleet.

2017 Lisa Marie Lane

2016 Kyra Tallon

2015 Kyra Tallon

2014 Daphne Byron

2013 Daphne Byron

2012 Daphne Byron

2011 Kyra Tallon

2010 Teresa Miolla

2009 Kyra Tallon

2008 Daphne Byron

2007 Alana Jordan

2006 Daphne Byron

2005 Daphne Byron

2004 Daphne Byron

2003 Daphne Byron

2002 Joanna Beaver

2001 Joanna Byron