Fall Series #4 & #5 Results

Sorry for the hold up folks. I have been swamped at work these past two weeks.

Today I have scores for the last two weeks racing. Two weeks ago most of PRSA stayed home fearing the rain that was falling when they got up in the morning. The three Lightnings that braved the weather to come out and race had the last laugh though. The rain stopped and we got them three races down by the power plant before the breeze faded and we called it a day. Here are those scores:

Lightning Fall Series #4

This past Sunday we had a great day of racing. The winds were from the south west and built from 12-13 when we left the dock to 18-30 when the RC wisely called it a day and sent us home. Scores and more after the break:

As you can imagine, there were a number of capsizes especially late in the day when the winds were getting a little out of control. Most notably Ben Ackerman’s boat was on its side down the river from the race course as he flipped on the way home. We spotted him while making our own way home, pulled out Bruces radio that we carry for safety, and brought it to the RC’s attention. They quickly came down to lend a hand. Hope everyone was OK. In all six Lightnings, two Albacores, two Buccaneers, and three Hobies came out to play in terrific conditions. The RC headed up by Mike Heinsdorf set up a nice windward-leeward course for us and got two races in before the sending us home. We may only have gotten two races in, but they were awesome! Here are the scores:

Albacore Fall Series #5

Buccaneer Fall Series #5

Hobie Cat Fall Series #5

Lightning Fall Series #5