Results, Results, and More Results

I know that some of you must be tired of checking here each week only to NOT find any scores. Whats up with that, you say?? First, I apologize. I would like nothing better than to have the scores up with in a day or two of the racing. Unfortunately, that has not been possible yet this year. Why not? Well, first I have to get the scores from that weeks PRO. Sometimes that takes a few days. Then I sit down to compile them and I find errors, or new boats that are not registered, or someone sailing with a new sail #, or someone lending their boat to someone else, or something else completely unexpected. When this happens, which is pretty much every week, I have to email the PRO and/or the fleet captain in question and get the information before I can do the scores. That process can take days, and a couple of times this year it has taken weeks. There is not much I can do about it, I cannot score the races with incomplete or inaccurate information. Sorry about that. Having said all this, I have scores for you today from Spring Series #4, Spring Series #5, and Spring Series #7. Spring Series #6 was a blow out and no racing was recorded. So without further ado, here are all the missing results:

Spring Series #4:

Albacore Spring Series #4 04/28/13

Buccaneer Spring Series #4 04/28/13

Open Cat Spring Series #4 04/28/13

Lightning Spring Series #4 04/28/13

Spring Series #5:

Albacore Spring Series #5 05/05/13

Buccaneer Spring Series #5 05/05/13

Open Cat Spring Series #5 05/05/13

Spring Series #7:

Albacore Spring Series #7 05/19/13

Buccaneer Spring Series #7 05/19/13

Open Cat Spring Series #7 05/19/13

Lightning Spring Series #7 05/19/13