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Capital City Laser Regatta 2015 – Results

Chris Bolton with the help of Lindsay Bach ran the line boat while Bill Kleysteuber & Frank Gallagher ran the mark boat.  The water was so low in the river from the previous two days of strong northerly winds that Chris was forced to set us up in the cove.  The wind was very patchy and  could switch 180 degrees between the windward and leeward mark.  The lead boat around the leeward mark often lossed that lead on the short beat to the finish as a result of big wind shifts that would lift the 2nd boat to the finish while leaving the lead boat stranded.

Len Guenther managed the conditions with patience and won the regatta.

Capital City Laser Regatta – Series Standing

Pictures from the mark boat by Lindsay Bach

2014 President’s Cup – Results

We had two great sailing days. Saturday was the best with rock steady 10-15 mph winds from the south. We just had to take advantage of it and so we decided to do 5 races. A front came through on Saturday evening and left us with cooler weather and N to NE winds in the 5 to 12 mph range. We did another 2 to 4 races.

44 boats in 8 classes competed on two courses. People came from as far as Hampton, Lynchburg, and the Solomons. They sailed a lot — as many as 9 reasonably long races. They partied — the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society treated us on Saturday evening and PRSA on Sunday. They had fun.

This year the Norman C. Schallor award goes to Eric Peterson who was the winner in the Laser fleet which mustered 10 boats, the largest fleet this year.

If you see inaccuracies with the results below, email me at

Upper Course



Flying Scots


Inland 20


Lower Course


Steve Spratt sailing a JY-15 sailed with the Lasers but was not scored against them.</>


Spring Series #2 – April 13, 2014

Sunday turned out to be a very nice day of sailing.  Winds were from 15 to 20 out of the south with a high around 80.  Thanks to Mike Heinsdorf for running RC and missing out on the awesome day of sailing.  We had 2 Lasers, 3 Albacores, and 4 Lightnings make it out.  The RC ran windward leewards for the lightnings and triangles for the albacores and lasers.  Lightnings got in 3 races before calling it due to high winds.  The albacores and lightnings stayed out for a 4th race before heading in.  Sorry to all that missed out and we look forward to seeing you out next weekend (4/27).  — Farley (your scorer)

Mike also got some great photos of the racing, and Scuttlebutt also covered the racing with some photos of Albacores and Cherry Blossoms!

Laser Spring#2   Lightnings Spring#2   Albacore Spring#2

2012 Spring Regatta

On Saturday, a solid southerly breeze blew all day long and built a bit toward the end of the day. The four fleets on the upper course (Haines point) got 4 nice longish windward-leeward races. The Laser and Penguin fleets on the lower course (cove) got 8 races.

Lee, Michelle, and Mike H. put together a very special BBQ featuring pulled pork and Yuengling on tap.

On Sunday, we had more of the same wind! Amazing. For the last two races, we (the RC) stretched the course out so that it took the lead boat just under an hour to finish.

Here are the results — preliminary in case people see mistakes that need correction:

Albacore Results

Buccaneers Results

Catamarans Results

Lightnings Results

Barney Harris was skipper over 50 who beat the most boats — 10 of them.

Both Daphne Byron and Kyra Tallon were woman skippers who beat the most boats — 4 each. However, Daphen wins the tiebreaker by sailing in the larger fleet.

Lower course:

Laser results – all 8 races

Laser results – 6 races per NOR

Spring Series – April 1, 2012

Thanks to everyone for coming out to our first Sunday Spring Series this past Sunday.  We had a good group of Albacores, Lightnings and Buccaneers on the race course.  (I’ll link the results when they are available.) The wind was a little light when we started out, but it built all day.  The Cats were on RC and got off 3 long Olympic course races.  Afterward we had a big cookout at the marina.  We’re off this Sunday due to the Easter holiday but will resume racing on Sunday the 15th.  We have left over food and beer to eat & drink afterwards, so be sure to stick around after you put your boat away.

This Thursday the 5th is our 2nd Spring Training event.  Laser Fleet Captain Erich Hesse will be leading a discussion on starting racing tactics.  Erich is quite an accomplished sailor, and is sure to share some of his secrets and answer any questions you might have about starting tactics.  Again, this event is open to anyone including non-PRSA members, so let your sailing friends, family and co-workers know.  This Thursday April 5th, Indigo Landing restaurant, Washington Sailing Marina, Charleston Room, 7pm to 8pm.

Hope to see you there and on the water on the 15th.


Frostbite sailors scream downwind

March 4th, 2012 was a big wind day*.  The Laser frostbite fleet went out onto the river to avoid the puffs and shifts in the cove.   Here is some video the RC boat — Steve Yelland and Kevin Crowley — took of us flying downwind.

Lasers fly downwind

* Observations at the airport: 12:52 – N at 15 mph with gusts to 22, 13:52 NW at 22 with gusts to 31, 14:52 NW at 21 with gusts to 31.