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President’s/Leukemia Cup 2011 – Day 1 results

It turned out to be a beautiful sailing day despite all the rain we had leading up to it. The river was remarkably clean. Only the occassional log showed up — I saw maybe 4 all day long. The current was strong but the NW breeze was enough for the sailors to sail against it. Downwind & down current the sailors flew. There were enough shifts to keep the sailors thinking about strategy. We did 4 W2 races. Below are the preliminary and interim results:

Albacore Day 1 results
Buccaneer Day 1 results
Catamaran Day 1 results
Flying Scot Day 1 results
Lightning Day 1 results


PRSA Spring Regatta 2011, Lower Course Results

If you missed Saturday you missed a great sailing day with a south breeze 10 mph and warm temps. We had sixteen boats with a few people who have not sailed in quite sometime. Steve Parsons sailed with us for the fist time in about a year and Cheryl Taylor has not sailed in over a year.

The day started out with a very solid breeze with very few wind shifts (unusual conditions for the river) but by the fourth race the river had found its wind shifty groove.

Cary Comer came out of the gate rounding all of the marks in the first race in first and finished fourth on the day. Len Guenther warmed up after the first three races and finished with a 3-1-3-4 and good enoguh for third place overall. Justin Pollack was very consistent and finish the day with a first in the last race and second in the overall standings. Erich Hesse loved the steady southerly and took the first place honors.

Thanks to Jim Graham for organizing the regatta. Big thanks to Rick Welch, Aaron Boesenecker (thanks for the pictures) and another Lightning crew member for great RC and crunching the numbers by hand afterwards. Thanks to Steve Parsons, Len, and Farley with helping flipping burgers and rolling hot dogs. I think a great time was had by all.

Erich Hesse (Laser Fleet Captain)

2011 PRSA Spring Regatta – Lasers

Pictures: Lasers on the Lower course

PRSA Spring Regatta 2011, Upper Course Results

Another great day of sailing with south winds of 12 to 13. I wish the whole summer would be like that. Khin & Thant , Bill Buck, Dan Miller, and scorer/recorder Jen gave us 3 W2 races. Several more sailors came out to join the fun. Jim Graham gave us another nice picnic.


The Katherine Hearst award to the woman who beat the most boats in her class went to Kyra Tallon.
The Len Penso award to the sailor over 50 who beat the most boats in his/her class went to Nabeel Alsalam.

Pictures Upper course and Lower course

Spring Regatta, Day 1 Results for Upper Course

What a beautiful day to be sailing! Winds were around 10 from the S and SSW all day long. The very edge of a squall came through late and gave us just a few drops of rain and a little extra wind. Khin Thein gave us 4 races including a W2, two W3s, and another W2 or W1.

Come on out and join us on Day 2. It isn’t too late!

(The results for day 1 are attached.)

Sat. May 21 – Leukemia/Lymphoma Society Kickoff Party!

The fall might seem a long way off, but it is never to soon to start thinking about the President’s/Leukemia Cup Regatta! I’m writing as your PRSA liaison to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) to send along a bit of information–most importantly, the fact that the LLS Kickoff Party will be held this coming Saturday, May 21, 4:00 p.m., at Capitol Yacht Club (1000 Water Street SW). The weather is supposed to be great, and the party is FREE, so join us for free food (a burger & hot dog bar along with treats from Phillips Seafood), drinks (1 free drink + cash bar), live music, and lots of fun.

If you were active in raising funds for LLS in the past, you should have received an Evite invitation for the event that you can use to RSVP. Otherwise, you can RSVP directly to me or to Kaitlin McTighe at LLS (Kaitlin.McTighe@…). This is a great party, and all are welcome no matter whether or not you’ve participated in fundraising in the past!

In addition to a great party with lots of other sailors from the region, you’ll have the chance to register to raise funds for the LLS (with just $100 in fundraising your boat name will appear on the regatta t-shirt!). Registering will also put you in the running for some great raffle prizes, including some Mount Gay paraphernalia! Last year, PRSA won the LLS award for the Club with the most boats/teams raising $100 or more at the President’s/Leukemia Cup, and we’d love to repeat that performance. To read more about this year’s LLS events, visit .

Finally, the PRSA President’s/Leukemia Cup website ( is now active and will be updated with additional information, the President’s/Leukemia Cup Regatta Entry Form, and other details as the regatta approaches. As in past years, the regatta weekend will begin with the LLS Friday night party on September 9. One design boats will then race on both Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 10-11 (or just on Saturday in the case of the lower course fleets), in keeping with the PRSA President’s Cup Tradition. If you have any questions about the event in general, about fundraising for LLS, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me (apb99@…) or your PRSA Board Members.

Aaron Boesenecker

P.S. – please be aware that parking around the CYC is difficult. There is a garage located under Phillips Seafood if you are driving or it’s a short walk from the metro. If you would like to come via boat please indicate that in your response so CYC can coordinate in advance.

Several of you have inquired about sailing up to Saturday’s LLS Kickoff Party. Red Fehrle was kind enough to contact CYC on this (thanks Red!), and they’re more than happy to have folks sail up and tie up for the party. Here are their instructions:

Please tie up at our dinghy dock, which is all the way on the inside of the fairway between C and D docks. If you have a handheld, please hail CYC on 16 as you approach. You can also call Tom from CYC on his cellphone 571-276-7426. The dinghy dock CYC is after ganplank, and before the fishmarket going up the channel.

Spring Series #3 – April 17, 2011


After a few days of heavy rains and the remnants of a front still blowing through, the conditions were tricky on the river for the third Spring Series. The gusty westerly was in the teens for most of the day, and most boats opted to run wing-and-wing downwind in the heavier stuff, waiting for the breeze to ease or for better angles away from the airport shore before popping the kite. A good start was paramount, and then keeping the boat on its feet and shifting gears became the key to success. The river level and flow were both extraordinarily high and the tide was also running out, which made for a fierce combination of current, tide flow, and near flood-stage discharge flow to combat as we sailed E-W across the river. The RC had trouble getting the windward mark to stay put, and once you did make it around, it seemed that no matter how far north you pointed the boat, you still ended up well south of the leeward mark near the channel, having to jib-reach back up to it before going upwind (and across the current once again).

The day showed the importance of having a fully staffed race committee, with 2 individuals on the mark and crash boat as well as enough hands on the Bayliner for flags, horns, writing, and scoring. Two Buccaneers did flip in the gusty conditions, and though each boat was quickly righted and continued sailing, having a crash boat at the ready to provide assistance was critical for everybody’s safety and peace of mind. As PRO Bobby Astrove noted: “I was quite nervous with today’s weather forecast. When I got to the marina at 7:45 a.m. it was hooting, high teens for wind and gusts to 30. It settled down by 9:30, we had what I think was a windy but nice day. Very strong current. Obviously had a hard time getting the windward mark to stick without a Danforth anchor. We eventually added a second anchor and that did the trick. Special thanks to all my RC helpers: Brian Bishop, Michael Brown, Rose Gentile, Catherine Calvin, Bill Buck, and Joe Warren. I thought we were going to be way short and in the end people stepped up and I thought it went well.” Great job to Bobby and the RC crew for getting us 4 races in these conditions and keeping us all safe!

In the racing, Frank (sailing with Farley and Mladin) had the hot hand, winning 3 of the 4 races (nice work Frank!). Nabeel (sailing with Craig and Stefano) followed Frank around for most of the day, but took the fourth race after a great start. Rick (sailing with Lisbet and Aaron) was also competing, as were Will, Alex, and Brian on #14395. Chris Kozell was out for the first race, but struggled with a cranky Cunningham and ended up retiring. Mark Ewing, sailing with his young son George and a friend, also joined us on the racecourse for their introduction to the Potomac’s “wacky west wind” as Jeff calls it. And speaking of Jeff, it was great to see him along with Bruce and Becky down at the Marina getting Ariel ready for future Sunday Series racing and (we hope) the Potomac Cup. Glad to see you!

After the racing we gathered in the picnic area for some food, drink and good cheer. A few folks who hadn’t made it out for the racing (as well as a few family members who had strolled down to the marina) joined us around the grill. The wind gusted up far beyond anything we had seen on the racecourse as we traded stories, but with some warm sunshine (finally!) we all enjoyed a great end to the afternoon.

There is no racing next weekend due to Easter, but we’ll look for you all in two weeks for the next Spring Series–the final chance to tune up before the Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup on May 7-8. Make sure you’ve signed up!


Sailing Season is Starting!

This Wednesday the 30th is going to be our second onshore training
event. Erich Hesse will lead a discussion on racing rules simplified.
Come on out and bring your crew, this is a great opportunity to get up to speed on the rules of racing. This event is open to the public and is free so tell all your friends and co-workers who might be interested.

Then this Sunday April 3rd kicks off our first Spring Series. We will
be having a BBQ social event after sailing. PRSA will supply hot dogs
and beer. Would be nice if we could have some volunteers bring some additional food such as chips/dip, chili, corn bread, potato salad or anything else. So plan on hanging out after racing. Cross your fingers that we’ll have good weather. See you on the water.