Message From Our Commodore

Dear PRSA sailors,

PRSA urgently requests your membership renewals. As of July 2010 we are 26 paid members short of July 2009’s paid membership. What this means: For the year starting January we have spent exactly what we have collected. Last year at this time, we had $1,500.00 cash on hand in the operating budget for the upcoming fall 2009 expenses. At the moment we do not have the money in our operating budget for fall 2010 slip fee renewal, fuel and routine boat maintenance. Our expenses for this year have not changed dramatically, so our income issue is definitely membership renewals and not any unusual expense.

It is not my intention to sound dire, but this will be a definite warning sign for PRSA if we don’t renew and/or build memberships very soon.

If we receive your dues PRSA will be maintaining status quo. As all of you are aware PRSA’s participation has been slack and new member acquisition is off. Traditionally, we have been able to replace members as fast as they move on. Recently, perhaps due to the country’s economic distress, this has not been the case. So when I say status quo, I mean hanging on, and not depleting our resources until better days return. Better days will return, but probably not by the time our fall expenses come due.

Please renew, and consider the Commodore’s Club for donation (any amount helps). Encourage your crew members to renew or become members, or consider renewing on your their behalf.

Thank you for your attention,

Pat McGee

To renew: (if you wish to mail your renewal the address is at the end of completing the form)

To check if you’ve paid (the url page is called 2009 but the information is current):

P.S. PRESIDENT’S CUP — More info will come but I would like everyone to sail this President’s Cup Regatta, as it is our 75th annual. If you absolutely cannot race, please try to stop by Sunday for the party. We will officially be celebrating our 75th year at the Sunday President’s Cup Regatta awards gathering. Rumor has it Cajun will be served with the keg.