2021 Laser Masters at Fishing Bay

51 boats registered for the 40th Annual Laser Masters at Fishing Bay Yacht Club.    Just like on the Potomac the weather was beautiful and the winds were fine if not a bit on the light side for my tastes.

James Jacob was third beating out three whipper-snappers who had to take extra points for being young.  (James apologized to them.)

Jim Graham took second place in the Legend Division.  Yes, for the first time this year there was a division for those aged 75+ .

Lloyd Leonard Steen Byskof had a great last race finishing 5th and 6th, respectively.    I was crushed on day 1 but pulled myself up by my bootstraps and managed a respectable 15th in the last race.

Next year, this event will again be the first weekend in October — put it on your calendar.   BTW, the US Laser Masters will be in Norfolk  in September and the Laser Words in Mexico (Puerto Villarta) in August.

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