2023 Spring Sunday Series #2

Stew Harris and I-20 team ran the races.  The southerly was steady and the wind was easy to handle.

The scoring has changed this season.   (And we are still figuring out the edge cases.)

1) boats must register their intension to sail in the series,  Use this link to register: https://forms.gle/9riR85toVRbdvZ976.

2) all registered boats are scored in each race,

3) race committee is given a provisional score of number of finishers but eventually will get their average among non-DNC (doing RC will help your series score), and

4) showing up at the marina gives you a DNS ( = number of finishers + 2) which is better than DNC ( = number registered) even if you don’t splash your boat.

SS2 – Albacore

SS2 – Buccaneer

SS2 – I20

SS2 – Laser

SS2 – Lightning