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2021 Fall Series 2 & Frigid Digit

Three – John Van Voorhis, Piercarlo Brunino, and Lindsay Bach — sailed on the Potomac.

Fall Series 2

Championship Cumulative

Three – Tim O’Brien,  Lisa-Marie Lane, and Jeff Witten – sailed on the Bay in the Frigid Digit.

Frigid Digit Results

I see new first names with familiar last names.  I expect the younger generation took over.  I see only 4 completed races on the Bay.  Was it too windy?

From Will Phillipe,  PRO on the River:

It was a beautiful day to sail today with sunny skies mid 70s and wind to sail in. As PRO I was certainly challenged today with our NNW winds moving to WNW. I made use of the Postpone before Race 1 because we needed a few extra minutes to get setup (remember as PRO the postpone is your friend). The forecast of NW winds with a later shift to WNW came earlier than I expected so race 1 the windward mark was off. We moved it closer to Gravelly Point to be more NW but it continued to move WNW and the gusts putting it closer to West. I was torn about trying to adjust the course and to get races off but with it shifting back and forth I opted to leave and keep running races.   —


2021 Frigid Digit and PA Cup Cup

The Frigid Digit is coming the weekend September 25th and 26th at  SSA and the PA Gov Cup is the following weekend October 2nd and 3rd at SYC.  Tim O’Brien and Jeff Witten will each be going to  the Frigid Digit. Registration for Frigid Digit will close this Friday September 24th, so please consider coming if you are on the fence! But as Bobby Astrove says, if you aren’t going to travel to Frigid Digit you can sail in the PRSA Fall Series race on Sunday.

Frigid Digit

PA Gov Cup

Sailing Tomorrow? Lightings in Leesylvania and some sweet sailing videos

Tomorrow looks like better weather than we had last weekend, so who’s up for some sailing? After last weekend, the weather can only get better. The Lightings are in Leesylvania, so I’m hoping to see a good number of cats, Bucs and Albacores, as everyone is guaranteed at least one more start than normal!

This weekend is the annual Doc Gilbert Regatta in Leesylvania State Park. This is the first of two regattas hosted by Lighting Fleet 50 the year – the second is the Dixie Districts. Information on the Doc Gilbert Regatta is here:

The Olympics are this year, and the US Sailing Team is well represented, but the Swiss, so far, have the best multimedia. If you find yourself stuck inside, check out some awesome video of the Swiss Sailing Team here: and here:

2010 Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup Regatta

The annual Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup Regatta was held this past weekend down at Leesylvania State Park on the Potomac River. This year, in addition to the 25 Lightnings on hand, we had 9 Flying Scots join us for two days of great racing. Saturday was mostly clear with breezes from the SSW at 6-12kts, and on Sunday we got 10-15 under mostly cloudy skies. The conditions were just plain ideal for some really tight racing at times. The Lightning class was won by Ed Adams in a tight match with John Faus. I have to point out, however, that young Justin Copan really dominated the weekend with 4 bullets and a third. Why didn’t he win? Unfortunately for him, one of those bullets turned into a 26 as he was OCS. DOH!! Other than that faux pas, he really put on a clinic for us. On the Flying Scot side, David Neff won the top honors with 3 bullets and 2 deuces. Another dominant performance. As usual, Fleet 50 put on an excellent regatta, with some great RC work headed up by Bruce Bingman. Of course the awesome weather didn’t hurt either! complete scores after the break:

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