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Video Of The Week: Sean Fidler race start & first windward leg

I found this pretty cool video of Sean Fidler sailing a race from 2008 @ Pontiac Yacht Club. The video picks up during the start sequence and continues as he sails the first windward leg. Like the Skip Dieball Vids, the camera is mounted to the tiller, so catches all the action from the back of the boat. I’m going to have to try this next season on my boat. Enjoy:

Laser Frostbite 01/10/2010 Video

Sorry for the delay in getting this video footage put together. I got kind of slammed this week. I managed to get starts on races 2-4, and the leeward roundings on races 1 – 4 before running out of tape, not to mention feeling a little like a popsicle. Caught two racers hitting the leeward mark, one of whom took his turn, the other did not. In defence of the racer who did not, it is also clear in the video that he had no idea he had hit the mark, so I guess he gets a pass on that one. We report, you decide! Enjoy:

**Don’t forget to hit the “Full Screen” button, second one from the lower right in the player. Its HD!

2010 Laser Hangover Regatta – 01/01/2010

Scores and reports will be coming, but I thought I’d put up some video I shot from land yesterday first. I managed to get a couple of starts and a few leeward mark roundings before my batteries gave out. Hmmm… I thought I’d recharged those! Anyway there’s a couple of good shots. Don’t miss Frank trying to jam it at the leeward mark… “Trying to jam it” he says, he did jam it and got away with it. A bit of yelling. We report, you decide… 🙂  Enjoy:

Be sure to click the full screen button – second from the lower right in the player. Its HD.