Committee Boats Powerwashed and are Nice and Clean!

Thanks to the good work of Bill Swanson, Jeff Neurauter, Laurie Duncan, Paul Maher, Frank Gallagher, Nabeel Alsalam, Bobby Astrove, and Rick Welch on Saturday afternoon, April 10, the Bayliner, the 19 Skiff and the 16 Skiff are nice and clean, after their powerwashing and polishing.  Thanks, Nabeel, for bringing the equipment!  Thanks Bill, for powerwashing all the barnacles off the bottom of the Bayliner, and the cleaning the topsides.  Thanks, Jeff and Laurie for cleaning the cabin of the Bayliner — it was really grungy.  Thanks, Nabeel, Frank, Paul,  Bobby, and Rick for emptying out the skiffs and powerwashing them and putting equipment back.  Thanks also to Jeff Storck, who used his 4-Runner to launch the Bayliner, and to Laurie, Paul, and Jeff who drove her part way to her slip, and to Frank and Nabeel for performing a rescue and towing her the rest of the way over.  Without the great work of this team, we would not be racing today.