Wednesday Night Sailing 08/05/2009

Yet another great Wednesday night sail!  I would be lying if I didn’t admit to being skeptical the night before given the forecasts of thunderstorms and light wind.  However, always optimistic, I still mixed up my beverage of choice and put it in the freezer so I would be ready.  Coming out of work I was delighted to see a gorgeous night and went immediately to the marina.  Jeff was kind enough to let me crew for him on Ariel; he was taking one of his friends out for a first sail.  Pat and Will also jumped aboard to round out the crew.  Wind was between 10-15 out of the north and then died off around sunset.  I got to have fun hiking and otherwise enjoying a beautiful sailing night with good company.  Frank and Mary Ann were also out, as were Nabeel, Craig, and Graham making sure Windchaser was all tuned up for the NAs.  Still a few more weeks before the fall series starts up…Wednesday nights present a great opportunity to get the boat ready, get those cobwebs off, and remind yourself how to sail fast!  I know that I’ll be down there every week looking for a ride, hope to see you there!