Falls Series #4 10/10/2010 Results

The water was looking pretty glassy when we got to the marina on Sunday. “Oh say it isn’t so” I thought to myself, the weather was beautiful, but there was not a breath of air to be found. Ever the optimists we all got our boats ready and splashed in anticipation of a little breeze. Yates, our intrepid PRO, decided to postpone on land and see what developed. 8 Lightnings and 1 Albacore sat bobbing around tied up to the dock while we waited. Around 11:15 or so we noticed a little southerly coming up. The RC (Ably manned by the Hobie fleet) went out to the river to investigate. Yes, a southerly was indeed making its way up the river, so in high hopes we set off for the race course. Most of the boats took the tow that the RC was offering. Team Ariel and a couple other boats, however, decided to sail up. Interestingly we all got to the race course at about the same time. RC wasted no time setting up a nice WL course and got us going. The breeze steadily built, and by the time we were finished for the day got up to 13kts or so. Wow, what a great day. We ended up getting 4 races in, with some of the best conditions of the year. Just proves the old adage: Good things come to those that wait. Special kudos go to Yates and the Hobie fleet for a job well done. Scores after the break:

Albacore Class Series Summary
Pl Sail Skipper 32 33 Av
1 8023 Tom Berlin 1 1 1

Next Class:

Lightning Class Series Summary
Pl Sail # Skipper 31 32 33 34 Avg
1 15142 Nabeel Alsalam 1 1 1 1 1
2 14553 Rick Welch 3 2 2 3 2.5
3 15386 Mark Boaz 5 3 4 2 3.5
4 14313 Eric Hakanson 4 4 6 4 4.5
5 14592 John R. Butler 2 5 3 9\DNS 4.75
6 14395 Chris Kozel 8 7 5 5 6.25
7 15256 Jeff Storck 6 6 7 9\DNS 7
8 14037 Joseph Warren 7 8 8 9\DNS 8