Fall Series #2

As we conducted the Skipper’s Meeting there was no noticable wind on the river, so we discussed the merits of delaying on shore or towing boats out to the race course.  Ultimately, the Lightnings decided to take a tow and the Hobies and Albacores otped to wait for the wind to fill in.  As we arrived at the upper race course, the wind filled in right on schedule.  The race committee quickly set a course and sent the Lightnings around the course as the wind fluctuated between 2 and 5 knots.  As the Lightnings sailed around the race course, the Hobies and Albacores worked their way out the race course.  As soon as they arrived, the RC started them.  The light winds hung around long enough to get two races off and then everyone went back to shore for some well deserved beverages and grilling.