Fall Series #6 & #7 Results

I was out of reach last week, so I have scores for both weeks here. This past Sunday was a nice day for racing. Breeze from the NW when we got out there, but after a 40 minute lull a really nice southerly came up. Here are some comments from Yates, our PRO:

Fall Series No. 7 was a pleasant day on the water this late in the year with lots of sun and with moderate winds in the 5-8 range most of the day.  For the first race, the wind was generally from the East but it died, so we shortened course.  Then new wind came in from the southwest and during the day gradually moved to a more southerly direction.  With the tide coming in all day, there was plenty of water for the later races.
At the Skippers’ Meeting, the consensus was to start all classes together which we did.  So there was a long start line with Lightnings, Albacores and Bucaneers all jockeying for positions but being conservative, so the only over early boats all day were several in the final race, the fourth race.
Early on, we noted that the classes spread out a lot, so for the last two races, we favored somewhat shorter courses to help lessen the lag between the first finisher and the last finishers and therefore the wait time until the next race start, also mindful that we wanted to get everyone heading home a bit early because of the loss of an hour of daylight.


Here are the results:

Week #6 Results:

Albacore Fall 6 10/30/2011

Buccaneer Fall 6 10/30/2011

Lightning Fall 6 10/30/2011


Week #7 Results:

Albacore Fall 7 11/06/2011

Buccaneer Fall 7 11/06/2011

Lightning Fall 7 11/06/2011