Laser Frostbite Series #17

Yesterday was a great day on the river!

A squirrelly Northwesterly kept things interesting and definitely made it a challenge to stay in phase and keep your ass out of the water.  At several points the breeze was way left at the start, but it was hard to know if/how long that was going to hold so I usually split the difference and went for a hole in the middle of the line and tacked on the first shift.  Most races that got me to the windward mark in good stead.  Make or break moments for me most of the time, however, had to do with boat handling unfortunately.  At several points I gave up a lead or lost boats by getting stuck in irons fumbling to release the vang, capsizing, or incurring totally unnecessary fouls.  My key takeaway from yesterday, minimize mistakes.
The race committee did a great job setting a course that split the different between the oscillations in wind direction and getting races off in short order.
Congrats to Eric Petersen for a remarkably consistent performance yesterday (all 1sts I believe) and on his overall win for the season!  We also owe Eric a huge thanks for all that he does as Fleet Captain and Farley for doing the scores and updating the website!