PRSA AGM & Awards Ceremony Wrap-Up

We had over 50 people attend the 2015 PRSA Annual General Meeting and Awards Ceremony, making it one of the best attended in recent years!  I want to extend a very special thank you to Melissa Morgan and Heather Howard for all of their work in planning the AGM, organizing the food and drink, decorating the room, and generally ensuring good cheer such that a great time was had by all.

The PRSA Executive Committee was pleased to highlight  our growth over the year, including a 4th consecutive year of membership growth, the best attendance at the PRSA President’s Cup Regatta and Spring Regatta in the last 5 years, and more.  We were also pleased to recognize Lee Sayasithsensa, Rolf & Sue Zeisler, Lisa-Marie Lane, Stew Harris, and Lindsay Bach with PRSA awards.  You can keep reading for additional details and links to the relevant documents, including the AGM Agenda, the list of PRSA Spring and Fall Series winners, details on the perpetual award winners, and your 2016 PRSA Executive Committee.

At the AGM each officer from the PRSA Executive Committee provided an update on the state of the association.  The membership considered and passed a constitutional amendment updating the PRSA Dues Structure (Article IV).  We celebrated the PRSA Spring Series and Fall Series winners in each class.  We awarded the PRSA Perpetual Awards to members who have contributed outstanding Service over the year.  Finally, we approved a new PRSA Executive Committee  for 2016.

PRSA Perpetual Award Winners

  • Founder’s Trophy (for outstanding service to PRSA and for the general promotion of PRSA): Lee Sayasithsensa
  • Fleet Captain’s Award (recognizing outstanding race committee service): Rolf & Sue Zeisler, for service at the 2015 PRSA President’s Cup
  • Nabeel Alsalam Award (for exceptional service coordinating the many activities of PRSA): Lisa-Marie Lane, for merchandising &  regatta coordination
  • Yates Dowell III Award (for exceptional administrative service to PRSA): Stew Harris, for website redesign and website management
  • PRSA Photo Contest Winner: Lindsay Bach (he winning photo is below; Lindsay also took the featured image for this post)

2016 PRSA Executive Committee

  • Commodore: Aaron Boesenecker
  • Vice Commodore: Will Phillippe
  • Rear Commodore: Nabeel Alsalam
  • Treasurer: Yates Dowell
  • Secretary: Nich Allen
  • Also assisting the PRSA Executive Committee in 2016:
    • PRSA Scorer: Farley Will
    • Subcommittee for Social Activities & Outreach: Heather Howard, Lisa-Marie Lane, Melissa Morgan
    • Subcommittee for Website Development: Stew Harris, Nabeel Alsalam
    • Subcommittee for Sustainability: Laura Lake, Kyra Tallon

Finally a big thank you to our officers who served PRSA in 2015, including Farley Will, who has served as PRSA Rear Commodore for the past 2 years.

Here’s looking forward to an excellent 2016!

PRSA President's Cup 2015 Day 2-9200267
2015 PRSA Photo Contest Winning Photo from Lindsay Bach

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  1. What a stunning photograph by Lindsay Bach!! The lighting in that photo is gorgeous. (Some would say the Lightning in that photo is gorgeous but I’m kinda partial to I20’s. )

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