PRSA Fall Series # 5 – Sunday, October 18.

The RC (PRO Bill Kleysteuber; drivers Scott Snyder and Robert Bennett; and Helpers Jason Desjardins and Dan Miller)  nearly outnumbered the skippers at the Skippers Meeting (4 Lightning skippers and one Albacore skipper).   The AccuWeather forecast (always subject to change) called for cloudy and breezy conditions with rain possible, a high of 43 degrees, and northerly winds at 21 – 22 MPH, with higher gusts.  High tide was  at 8:51 AM and low tide at 3:23 PM.  The river flow was  above normal for this time of year, at 4,290 CFS (gage height 3.3 ft), and was headed higher.  The river temperature was on a downward trend, at 48 degrees.  The skippers voted to stay ashore, so there was no racing.  It turned out that actual winds were somewhat lighter than predicted, and the rain stopped by noon, making for some sailable conditions.

Here is PRO Bill Kleysteuber’s report:  

Four Lightning skippers showed up. They decided not to sail. Eric Hess, alone represented the Albacores.

The Bayliner has a bad alternator, and Craig took it with him for repair.

Pat and Nabeel took the 16 for a ride and can report.

We did not splash the 19, but the radio does not work well enough to use.  We put gas in both skiffs.

I found the use of plastic bags for gas can lids suspect.

All of the people who signed up for RC showed up and were prepared and extremely helpful.

I did not inventory equipment.  I did notice the Bayliner gas gauge was around on half which I believe means it has considerably less.