Spring Series #1 & #2 Scores

I was out of town for the first Spring Series day, so I am a little behind in posting these scores. This past weekend was great, and if you missed it, well you missed it. Temps were in the low 80’s and the winds were south 10-15. Conditions don’t get better than that on our river. The Race Committee for week 2 was ably headed up by Bob Astrove and a mostly Lightning crew of assistants. It was nice to see Bill Buck out there lending a hand as well. 6 Lightnings, 5 Albacores, 4 Hobies, and 4 Buccaneers came out to play and were all glad they did. Scores after the break:

Spring Series #1 04/01/12:

Albacore Spring 1 040112

Buccaneer Spring 1 040112

Lightning Spring 1 040112


Spring Series #2 04/15/12:

Albacore Spring 2 041512

Buccaneer Spring 2 041512

Cat Spring 2 041512

Lightning Spring 2 041512