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UPDATED! PRSA Fall Finale Regatta, Saturday, November 7!

(As of Thursday, November 5)  Skippers Meeting at Noon; first warning at 12:40 PM; no races start after 3:40 PM.  Here are the SIs.  Frank Gallagher is PRO, with RC provided by the Lightnings.  This is our traditional last blast, with racing in the cove or in front of the power plant. Bring hot chili to share after racing.  Today’s AccuWeather forecast (always subject to change) for Saturday on the Potomac calls for partly sunny skies, winds from the SW at 6 – 7 MPH, and a high of 58 degrees.  The river flow is still well above normal, at 5,080 CFS (gage height 3.4 ft) and the water temperature is 53 degrees.  Come on down!

Fall Series #7 11/01/2009 Scores

OK, so I got up looked out the window, saw just how miserable it was… and went back to bed. Shame on me and all the rest of us who voted to stay dry. The rain dried up, the breeze came in and 5 Lightnings, with the odd Laser and Hobie Cat for company came out to play. They got three races in before calling it a day. Rick Welch won the day for the lightnings, while Jim Klein (Laser) and Rod Sellers (Hobie Cat) get honorable mentions for coming out to race by themselves. Scores after the break:

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Fall Series #6 10/25/2009 Scores

Well it looked promising as we left the dock with northerly breezes in the low teens. By the time we got up to the race course however, it had started to fade. We sailed the first race in 6-8 with big shifts from right to left and back again. The race committee set up a nice long course, triangles for some and WL’s for others. The second race started in 1-4 and faded to near zero by the time I crossed the finish line. Very painful and frustrating race. Anyway, it was a beautiful day to be on the water, and the beers were cold so a good time was had on Ariel. In all 3 Cats, 4 Albacores and 6 Lightnings came out to play. Where is everybody?

 Scores are up after the break:

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PRSA Fall Series # 7, Sunday, November 1 — Last Sunday Series Race for 2009!

(As of October 27) Eric Johnson is PRO, with RC provided by the Albacores and others (Driver and Helper slots are still available).   You will get an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night, as we switch from Daylight Savings time back to Standard time, so you’ll be rested and ready to compete.   Today’s AccuWeather Long-range forecast (always subject to change)  for Sunday calls for a sunny day, a high of 64 degrees, and winds from the WNW at 10 MPH. High tide will be at 6:48 AM; low tide at 1:05 PM (and high again at 6:59 PM)  Sunset will be at 5:08 PM.  The river flow is currently well above normal for this time of year, at 5,930 CFS (gage height 3.5 ft), and should remain up through the weekend if we get the rains forecasted for today and tomorrow.  The water temperature is a seasonal 56 degrees. Round up crew and come on down!

UPDATED! PRSA Fall Series # 5, Sunday October 18!

(As of Sunday, 10/18) Bill Kleysteuber is PRO, with RC provided by Albacores.  Today’s AccuWeather forecast (always subject to change)  calls for mostly cloudy, breezy, and cold conditions with rain possible, a high of 43 degrees, and northerly winds 21 – 22 MPH, with higher gusts.  High tide will be at 8:51 AM and low tide at 3:23 PM.  The river flow is currently above normal for this time of year, at 4,290 CFS (gage height 3.1 ft), and is headed up.  The river temperature is on a downward trend, currently at 48  degrees.

Fall Series #4 10/11/2009 Scores – and Photos!

What a simply beautiful day on the river yesterday. 7 Lightnings and 8 Hobies came out to play (The Albacores were away at their National Championship) on a gorgeous fall day with temps near 70 and light breezes out of the North. Rick Welch dominated the Lightnings with 4 (count ’em) 4 bullets. Wow. On the Hobie side Bob Etheridge won the day. It was really nice to see such a great turnout from the Hobie class this week.  Photos by John Butler here (thanks, John!) Scores are after the break:

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PRSA Fall Series # 4, Sunday October 11!

Eight Hobies outnumbered the seven Lightnings on the race course on a beautiful fall 69-degree sunny day!  Not only that, five of the 7 Lightnings were short crew!  PRO  Nabeel Alsalam set a long leeward – windward course with the windward mark near the entrance to Roaches Run, and the leeward mark near the entrance to the Anacostia, and got off four races in quick succession.  The winds were in the range predicted (7 MPH) but were up and down, with some serious shifts. One gust knocked over a Hobie in the second race, but other than that the winds were gentle enough to allow double-handed spinnaker flying, some successful.  Low tide was at 9:14 AM and high tide at 2:32 PM.  The river flow was well below normal for this time of year, at 1,410 CFS (gage height 2.7 ft) and the water was a seasonal 64 degrees.  Results and stories to be posted soon

Fall Series #1 09/20/2009 Scores

What a great day on the water Sunday. 9 Lightnings, 8 Albacores, 1 Hobie, and 1 Laser came out to play on a beautiful sunny afternoon. We decided to sail the lower course because the breeze was looking pretty iffy at the Skippers meeting. As it turned out, we could easily have gone up to the upper course as we had nice 5-7 kt breezes that started out of the SE and slowly shifted around to SSW. The RC headed up by Jeff Storck got 4 races in before it got too shallow to continue and calling it a day. Congratulations to the days’ winners – Albacore Skipper Daphne Byron, and Lightning Skipper Rick Welch. Follow the “Read More” link to see the scores:

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3rd Annual Santa Sail

This in from Keith Strasser:Santa Sail in Baltimore

For the past three years a PRSA member, found a way to promote our sport and help others. attached here are the two flyers from this year and below is a cut out from the write up in the Baltimore Sun. Every event each year all sailors are invited. It started as a Hobie Cat ride but that is not set in stone. If you search our PRSA Yahoo Group message you can find the PDF on the 1st year and 2nd year just for reference.

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