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President’s/Leukemia Cup Photos!

Follow this link for some excellent photos of the racing taken by Carl Schaefer during the 77th Annual President’s/Leukemia Cup.  Many thanks to Carl for volunteering his time, as well as to Whit Overstreet from Potomac Riverkeeper for the use of their boat as a photograph platform during the regatta.

If you wish to use these pix for marketing, for posting online, or for any other commercial purpose other than for private viewing, please contact Carl (cgschaefer@gmail.com).  At a minimum, picture credit should be attributed to Carl G. Schaefer, Jr, Copyright 2011.

Sat. May 21 – Leukemia/Lymphoma Society Kickoff Party!

The fall might seem a long way off, but it is never to soon to start thinking about the President’s/Leukemia Cup Regatta! I’m writing as your PRSA liaison to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) to send along a bit of information–most importantly, the fact that the LLS Kickoff Party will be held this coming Saturday, May 21, 4:00 p.m., at Capitol Yacht Club (1000 Water Street SW). The weather is supposed to be great, and the party is FREE, so join us for free food (a burger & hot dog bar along with treats from Phillips Seafood), drinks (1 free drink + cash bar), live music, and lots of fun.

If you were active in raising funds for LLS in the past, you should have received an Evite invitation for the event that you can use to RSVP. Otherwise, you can RSVP directly to me or to Kaitlin McTighe at LLS (Kaitlin.McTighe@…). This is a great party, and all are welcome no matter whether or not you’ve participated in fundraising in the past!

In addition to a great party with lots of other sailors from the region, you’ll have the chance to register to raise funds for the LLS (with just $100 in fundraising your boat name will appear on the regatta t-shirt!). Registering will also put you in the running for some great raffle prizes, including some Mount Gay paraphernalia! Last year, PRSA won the LLS award for the Club with the most boats/teams raising $100 or more at the President’s/Leukemia Cup, and we’d love to repeat that performance. To read more about this year’s LLS events, visit http://www.leukemiacup.org/nca .

Finally, the PRSA President’s/Leukemia Cup website (http://www.potomacriversailing.org/PresidentsLeukemiaCups/) is now active and will be updated with additional information, the President’s/Leukemia Cup Regatta Entry Form, and other details as the regatta approaches. As in past years, the regatta weekend will begin with the LLS Friday night party on September 9. One design boats will then race on both Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 10-11 (or just on Saturday in the case of the lower course fleets), in keeping with the PRSA President’s Cup Tradition. If you have any questions about the event in general, about fundraising for LLS, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me (apb99@…) or your PRSA Board Members.

Aaron Boesenecker

P.S. – please be aware that parking around the CYC is difficult. There is a garage located under Phillips Seafood if you are driving or it’s a short walk from the metro. If you would like to come via boat please indicate that in your response so CYC can coordinate in advance.

Several of you have inquired about sailing up to Saturday’s LLS Kickoff Party. Red Fehrle was kind enough to contact CYC on this (thanks Red!), and they’re more than happy to have folks sail up and tie up for the party. Here are their instructions:

Please tie up at our dinghy dock, which is all the way on the inside of the fairway between C and D docks. If you have a handheld, please hail CYC on 16 as you approach. You can also call Tom from CYC on his cellphone 571-276-7426. The dinghy dock CYC is after ganplank, and before the fishmarket going up the channel.

Presidents / Leukemia Cup Results

There is an old Arab curse that goes something like: “May you live in interesting times”. That said, we certainly had an “interesting” weekend for this years Presidents Cup. Saturday, was sunny and beautiful. Perfect in every way except the most important: There was no wind. Rolf Zeisler, our able PRO, managed to get 2 races off in drifty conditions with little more than thermals coming from various directions. The Lightnings were almost time limited out in the first race when the Rc quickly set up a finish line at the Reach? Windward? Leeward? Mark, and finished us with no time to spare. Race #2 was even worse. Oh well. There is always tomorrow, and with rain in the forecast there was bound to be some breeze. Sunday morning brought the rain, but not much in the way of breeze. We got 3 races in before calling it a day. The first 2 races were much like Saturdays efforts. The 3rd race, however, was a fun one. A nice north westerly finally came in and made all of us who had suffered through 2 days of mostly painful drifting glad we had stuck it out. This was the best sailing of the weekend and a good time was finally had by all. Lets all pray that we don’t get any more “interesting” days like the bulk of this past weekend. Scores after the break:

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2010 Presidents / Leukemia Cup NOR

The Presidents Cup is coming up next week! Wow, what happened to the summer? It flew by, and here we are ready to kick off the Falls series with the annual Presidents Cup Regatta. I sure hope everyone is planning to attend. Its also that time to raise money and awareness for the Leukemia Society, so get out there and find some donations! 🙂 Anyway, I am a little late getting the NOR up on the site, but better late than never! See the NOR after the break:

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President’s/Leukemia Cup Regatta

Calling all skippers, crew, and PRSA members and CBYRA sailing clubs of past, present, and future!!!

On behalf of the Potomac River Sailing Association (PRSA), I’m pleased to invite everyone and inform all classes that the President’s Cup and Leukemia Cup Regatta is right around the corner. Do you have your crew lined up yet? Have you registered yet? Have you been practicing so that you can win this PRSA signature event? Make sure you don’t miss out—block September 11-12 on your calendar today! Typical nominal entry fees are required but support of the Leukemia Society is encouraged. On Saturday after sailing, Terry Hutchison of Olympic fame will speak.

This regatta will also be a celebration of PRSA’s 75th anniversary (1935). How do sailors celebrate? We throw parties, and the PRSA 75th anniversary party will be even bigger than normal. In addition to the always excellent Leukemia Cup Regatta party following sailing Saturday night, we’ll also have a party after sailing on Sunday–which will be a Cajun feast of grilled sausages, muffuletta pasta, red beans and rice (both meat & veggie versions), and sides—as well as a keg, soda, and water before the trophy presentation. Rumor has it we’ll also have a classic rock cover band Sunday night. Sounds like a great time to me!

Even if you can’t sail in the regatta (though no excuses are good excuses), at least don’t miss the Saturday party and Sunday PRSA birthday party!

Click here for registration info:


Thoughts from Lightning Class Presidents Cup Winner – Frank Gallagher

Want to know how Frank and his team did it? Read on:

We went out the two previous wed night sailings and got in some good practice…especially mark rounding’s with spin up/down..(windward and leeward)…lots of spin jibing…we found ourselves not doing well jibing on deck…so after lots of failed attempts with inside the boat jibes, we finally developed a process that worked well for us… Crew rotation practice…..both Brenna and Mladen do foredeck or middle, so when something goes wrong during the race, both are aware of what’s wrong and how to fix it…(Brenna made a great save when our spin sheet went under the boat during one take down….could have been a catastrophic foul-up…..!!!) We cleaned the boat real well sat morning…got out a little early and got a little practice in…. As for the race itself…nothing too special…we were lucky…but prepared and ready to take advantage of all opportunities on the course We checked the line before the starts…decided where we wanted to start and got mostly good starts and just work our way upwind. There were lots of shifts to play and that helped us catch up several times…..Mladen is foredeck and always looking forward for windshifts, pressure and what other boats are doing…Brenna is middle and looking around beside and behind us for other boats, there angles and speed…

We live by 3 rules in this order……

1…always drive the fastest path to the next mark…(be on the favored tack..)find pressure

2….always trim all sails for max speed….lots of gear changing..ease in light stuff…trim as pressure builds..centerline boom…constantly adjust the spin…always on the edge of a luff….

3….boat balance…fair amount of heal in real light stuff…dead flat in the heavy stuff….anticipate…don’t react…lots of heal to round the leeward mark in light to medium…
And oh yeah….avoid conflict..no boat banging..or killer mistakes like OCS or protests…

And above all we have fun as a team.


2009 Leukemia/President’s Cup Results are Posted!

We had two of the most excellent back-to-back sailing days in recent memory for the 2009 Leukemia/President’s cup regatta.  Thanks to PROs Mike Heinsdorf on the upper course and Jennifer Parrow on the lower course, and their Ace Race Committee members, we got off 6 races in good succession on the upper course and 4 to 6 races on the lower course and got everybody back to the docks in time for the Saturday party and Sunday after-race Picnic. 

 Photos by Cheryl Taylor are here.

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Presidents / Leukemia Cup Sailing Instructions

The 2009 Presidents/leukemia Cup Sailing Instructions are now available for download/printing:

Click here for the Upper Course Instructions

Click here for the Lower Course Instructions

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Look  for revisions to the NOR and SIs to be posted Saturday Morning as follows:  LASERS sail Upper Course, Saturday Only; Other small (lower course) boats sail in the cove.

2009 President’s/Leukemia Cup Regatta Notice Of Race

      The 2009 Presidents & Leukemia Cup is coming up very soon, on September 12/13, 2009. See below for the NOR for the event. To Register for the PRESIDENTS CUP (all One Design Racers must enter the Presidents Cup)  go here for the PRSA online registration form.   See who is coming. Please note that to enter the LEUKEMIA CUP you may go here to register, and you must register for the President’s Cup. Its easy just raise a minimum of $100.00 to enter. Of course we are all raising lots of money for this years Leukemia Cup event in the name of one of our own who is fighting the disease right now. 

 Here is the NOR: 

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