Results! Finally! Spring Series #1 #2 #3

I know some of you have been anxiously waiting for some results this spring.    I finally got just enough of the information I need to complete them. So, here they are:

First, Week 1; What a blow out. A day that shall live in infamy… For me at least. A day my boat will never forget. It was a blow out with winds gusting over 30. Only the Lightnings, Albacores, and one lone Bucc braved it and came out. Here are the scores:

Albacore Spring Series #1 04/07/13

Lightning Spring Series #1 04/07/13

Buccaneer Spring Series #1 04/07/13

More scores after the break.

Week #2 brought more moderate breezes and more boats. Here are those scores:

Albacore Spring Series #2 04/14/13

Cat Spring Series #2 04/14/13

Lightning Spring Series #2 04/14/13

And finally Week 3. Light NE breezes ruled the day. Here are the scores:

Albacore Spring Series #3 04/21/13

Cat Spring Series #3 04/21/13

Lightning Spring Series #3 04/21/13