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Fall Series #1 Results 09/15/13

Sunday was absolutely beautiful with nice southerly breezes. RC, Dan Miller set up a WL course and got 4 races in for the few smart sailors who showed up. Nice to see more than one Scow coming out. Hope that’s a trend.  Here are the scores:

Albacore Fall Series #1 091513

Buccaneer Fall Series #1 091513

Open Cat Fall Series #1 091513

Lightning Fall Series #1 091513

Scow Fall Series #1 091513

Spring Series #9 Results

Well the Spring Series is a wrap. Today I have the final results of our racing this past Sunday, but first I would like to share my thoughts on the day (Scores after the story):

My Day As A Buccaneer

As most of you know, my sailing this spring was abruptly ended, before it even began, on the first day of the spring series when my boat was sadly T-Boned into String Theory, leaving me with a rather large hole in her bow. Ariel has been in drydock for repairs ever since. This past Sunday I was bound and determined to get a ride on a boat and get some sailing in before the series was over. Towards that end I showed up bright and early to the marina looking for a ride. Sadly, all of my Lightning brethren had full crew, so it was looking grim for your humble narrator. I hung around and helped the RC splash the committee boats hoping for a last minute reprieve. It was so bad even the RC did not have room for me! I was getting ready to call it a day and go home when all of a sudden I heard the voice of an angel. Buccaneer skipper Kyra Tallon asked me if I would like to sail on a Bucc. Oh yes! I quickly replied, I would love to. I have not sailed a Bucc since I was in high school, so it would be a real treat to sail one of these nimble and fun boats again.

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Spring Series #6 & #8 Results

I have some fresh scores for you today. First, I was under the misapprehension that there was no racing for Spring #6, but I was wrong about that. Two Albacores braved the big breeze and had a great time getting in three races. Here are those scores:

Albacore Spring Series #6 051213

Then we have scores for Spring Series #8 which was limited to the Lightnings and one lone Buccaneer. Here they are:

Buccaneer Spring Series #8 060213

Lightning Spring Series #8 060213

Your last chance for some Spring racing is this Sunday so don’t miss it!


Results, Results, and More Results

I know that some of you must be tired of checking here each week only to NOT find any scores. Whats up with that, you say?? First, I apologize. I would like nothing better than to have the scores up with in a day or two of the racing. Unfortunately, that has not been possible yet this year. Why not? Well, first I have to get the scores from that weeks PRO. Sometimes that takes a few days. Then I sit down to compile them and I find errors, or new boats that are not registered, or someone sailing with a new sail #, or someone lending their boat to someone else, or something else completely unexpected. When this happens, which is pretty much every week, I have to email the PRO and/or the fleet captain in question and get the information before I can do the scores. That process can take days, and a couple of times this year it has taken weeks. There is not much I can do about it, I cannot score the races with incomplete or inaccurate information. Sorry about that. Having said all this, I have scores for you today from Spring Series #4, Spring Series #5, and Spring Series #7. Spring Series #6 was a blow out and no racing was recorded. So without further ado, here are all the missing results:

Spring Series #4:

Albacore Spring Series #4 04/28/13

Buccaneer Spring Series #4 04/28/13

Open Cat Spring Series #4 04/28/13

Lightning Spring Series #4 04/28/13

Spring Series #5:

Albacore Spring Series #5 05/05/13

Buccaneer Spring Series #5 05/05/13

Open Cat Spring Series #5 05/05/13

Spring Series #7:

Albacore Spring Series #7 05/19/13

Buccaneer Spring Series #7 05/19/13

Open Cat Spring Series #7 05/19/13

Lightning Spring Series #7 05/19/13

Results! Finally! Spring Series #1 #2 #3

I know some of you have been anxiously waiting for some results this spring.    I finally got just enough of the information I need to complete them. So, here they are:

First, Week 1; What a blow out. A day that shall live in infamy… For me at least. A day my boat will never forget. It was a blow out with winds gusting over 30. Only the Lightnings, Albacores, and one lone Bucc braved it and came out. Here are the scores:

Albacore Spring Series #1 04/07/13

Lightning Spring Series #1 04/07/13

Buccaneer Spring Series #1 04/07/13

More scores after the break.

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2012 Spring Regatta

On Saturday, a solid southerly breeze blew all day long and built a bit toward the end of the day. The four fleets on the upper course (Haines point) got 4 nice longish windward-leeward races. The Laser and Penguin fleets on the lower course (cove) got 8 races.

Lee, Michelle, and Mike H. put together a very special BBQ featuring pulled pork and Yuengling on tap.

On Sunday, we had more of the same wind! Amazing. For the last two races, we (the RC) stretched the course out so that it took the lead boat just under an hour to finish.

Here are the results — preliminary in case people see mistakes that need correction:

Albacore Results

Buccaneers Results

Catamarans Results

Lightnings Results

Barney Harris was skipper over 50 who beat the most boats — 10 of them.

Both Daphne Byron and Kyra Tallon were woman skippers who beat the most boats — 4 each. However, Daphen wins the tiebreaker by sailing in the larger fleet.

Lower course:

Laser results – all 8 races

Laser results – 6 races per NOR