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Results form 2010 Spring Series

Spring Series #8, 06/06/10 Results

Sorry all for the delay in getting these scores up. Thats what happens when you get married and go away on a honeymoon. ūüôā Well, the wedding is behind me and the honeymoon was great, so now its time to buckle down and get busy. Today I have those last scores for you, but stay tuned over the next couple of weeks. I have some video of the Doc Gilbert I am working on that will be ready soon. In the meantime I hope everyone is getting out on the water for some sailing. I plan to get Ariel out this week for my first time in weeks.



Scores after the break:

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PRSA Spring Series # 7, Sunday May 23!

UPDATED May¬†24 —¬† As Becky Mach described the day, if May 9 was Papa Bear (too strong); and May 16 was Mama Bear (too weak); then today was Baby Bear (just right)! ¬†The AccuWeather forecast had called for rain for most of the day with ENE winds at 8 – 10 MPH, and we were delighted to see that the rain held off while the wind forecast held up. ¬†PRO Frank Gallagher and his Lightning-provided RC, with help from Steve Parsons and Ryan Vear, set up an Olympic course with the windward mark near the navigable channel, the leeward mark near the airport shore, and the reach mark far enough north to require a close reach on both the approaching and the departing legs, and ran 4 races in quick succession — an O-2 and three O-3s. The four Lightnings were joined by 3 Hobies,¬†3 Albacores, and a Bucc and had a most enjoyable day on the water.

Check out real-time¬†¬†(and historical) conditions¬†at the Chesapeake Bay Interpretive Buoy System — click on the buoy labeled Upper Potomac to see conditions just south of the Wilson Bridge.

Results after the break:

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PRSA Spring Series # 6, Sunday, May 16!

Updated 5/19/10 —¬† Sunday was a day when the weatherman promised much and delivered so little.¬† The forecast was for partly sunny and pleasant conditions, a high of 76 degrees, and winds from the northeast at 8 – 10 MPH.¬†¬†¬†Seven Lightnings, six Albacores, and three Hobies splashed and made their way up to the race course, while¬† PRO Bob Astrove and RC crew¬†set a windward-leeward course along an ENE axis, with the windward mark close to the deepwater channel and the leeward mark close to the airport shore.¬† But they only got off one race before the wind died.¬† At 2 PM the N flag went up and boats were towed back to the dock.¬† Results after the break:

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PRSA Spring Series # 5 Sunday, May 9

UPDATED May 10!  Two days of strong northerly winds had pushed a lot of the tidal Potomac River water south, and that, coupled low tide around noon, made for the lowest water level we have ever seen on the river at the marina. The mud flats adjacent to the airport pier were actually above water; a windsurfer was seen walking his rig upstream in chest-high water in the middle of the channel; the ribs of the sunken wreck were two feet above the water surface.  The AccuWeather forecast had called for sunny skies, with winds from the NW at 15 Р20 MPH, and gusts to 25, and they got the sunny skies part right, but the wind turned out to be stronger and gustier than predicted.  Three Lightnings, four Albacores, and two Cats splashed, and RC did set out for Haines point to try to set up a long windward-leeward course as far upriver  as they could, but the strong gusty winds and low water made them change their mind, and racing was canceled at 11:30 AM. 

PRSA Spring Series # 4, Sunday, May 2

Good wind, good temperatures, good waves and good race committee work made for great sailing this Sunday.¬† We had 4 or 5 Bucs, 2 hobies, and 5 albs out on the race course sailing 4 windward leeward twice around races and 1 Triangle.¬† 5 races total.¬† With the wind picking up later in the day only Heinsdorf, Harris and Hesse stayed for the final race.¬† Must be something about ‘Hs” The albs brought a ringer skipper from Toronto and a ringer crew from California. Harris, in his new state of age,¬† showed a little¬† mind slipping as he overstood the finish in race 2 ¬†and wanted to go around again.¬† Don’t know what that was all about.¬† Heinsdorf once again demonstrated his quick reactions as he dunked his brother crew while he scrambled to the rail for safety during a leeward mark rounding capsize.

Thanks to the race committee:¬† Bill Buck; Susan Graham, Nathan Marsh, and mystery girl (Heinsdorf’s brother’s friend).¬† And to the use of a GW crash boat.¬† After racing, Lee pulled out the leftovers including BEER from the monster party on Friday for everyone to feast on.¬† Thanks to everyone for the good time.¬† Results after the break:

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Spring Series #3 04/25/2010 Results

The forecast was glum, which I am sure caused a lot of people to stay home. Shame on you if you did! The weather turned out to be beautiful, with near perfect sailing conditions. Winds were from the south at 8-12 knots. What more could you ask for. We got three races in before the RC, believing the erroneous weather report, sent us home for the day. What a shame, we could have gotten a fourth race in. Lesson learned – Never believe the weather man over the evidence of your own eyes! Oh well, a good time was had by all anyway. Scores after the break:

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PRSA Spring Series # 3, Sunday, April 25!

Updated 4/26/10 — Seven Lightnings came out along with 4 Hobies, 3 Albacores, and a Laser on a day with a NOAA forecast of heavy weather arriving sometime after 2 PM (which it did, but north and west of DC).¬† Before 2 PM, the winds were predicted to be from the south at 8 – 9 MPH under cloudy skies, with a high temperature of 75 degrees, and that’s exactly what we got, except that the clouds dissipated by the end of the first race.¬† PRO David Thompson and RC set up a windward-leeward course and got off three races in quick succession, finishing the 3rd race at exactly 2:00 PM, then sending boats home to ensure a safe ride and retrieval at the cranes before the heavy weather hit (which never did here, except that winds increased to 20 MPH after 3 PM).¬†¬† Results to be posted soon.

PRSA Spring Series # 2, Sunday April 18!

UPDATED 4/19/10 —¬†¬†¬†The AccuWeather Forecast called for sunny skies, a high of¬†60 degrees, and winds from the NW at¬†14 – 18¬†MPH, and that’s about what we got, except that it was cloudier and chillier than predicted.¬† The river flow, at¬†9,150 CFS (gage height¬†3.9 ft)¬†¬†was below normal for this time of year, and the water temperature¬†was down to 62 degrees. ¬†High tide was at 11:26 AM.¬† 10 Lightnings and 3 Albacores came out.¬† Yates Dowell and the Hobie fleet set up a triangular course and got off three races in quick succession, and we were all back at the docks by 3 PM.¬† During docking on the return, Erich Hesse in his Albacore came screaming straight in to the slot between two of the crane docks, made an incredibly tight U-turn, and¬†stopped the boat along side the north dock with bow pointed out — stunning!¬† Crew Lars Rathjen, standing on¬†Eric’s forward deck, then ¬†stepped neatly off the deck — and right into the water!¬† It was a site worthy of a bloopers video.¬†¬† Fortunately, no injuries, other than to Lars’ psyche.¬† Results after the break:

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PRSA Spring Series # 1, Sunday April 11!

What an outstanding day, weatherwise, for the first race day of the 2010 season — sunny skies, a high¬† of 75 degrees, and gentle breezes made for Bermuda shorts attire and fun conversations.¬† Erich Hesse and his ace Albacore RC crew got off three races in somewhat challenging wind conditions — a 9 MPH southerly at the start of the first race, but dying off to an ESE at 3 MPH at 2 PM, then coming back up later in the afternoon, reaching 12 MPH at 6 PM, well after we were off the water.¬† The river flow was slightly below normal for this time of year, at 12,500 CFS (gage height 4.2 ft) and the water temperature was 62 degrees. Low tide was at 1:42 PM; High tide at 7:31 PM. 8 Lightnings came out, along with 3 Hobies, 2 Albacores, and a Flying Scot. Results after the break:

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