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Albacore Mid-Winters!!

The Albacore Mid-winter Championship was held this past week, March 19-21, in Sarasota Florida. 19 boats came to compete, with 5 teams of our own to carry the banner for PRSA: Chris Gorton/Mathew Edwards, Khin Thein/Thant Thein, Mike Heinsdorf/Matt Rhodes, Peter Duncan/Stephen Duncan, Rolf Zeisler/Daphne Byron, and Barney Harris/Lee Mullins all made the trip. Barney was the overall winner of the event with 8 points in 8 races. There was one throwout. Chris Gorton was 4th, Khin Thein was 6th, Peter Duncan 8th, Mike Heinsdorf 11th, and Rolf came in 15th. Great job guys! And special congratulations to PRSA’s very own Champ – Barney Harris!! See all the scores after the break:

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2009 PRSA Awards Banquet and Annual General Meeting – Saturday, November 14!

Saturday night 47 PRSA Skippers, crew, and guests came together at the Marina Towers for an evening of socializing, dinner, awards, and PRSA business. See details and  who attended here.  Congratulations to Lighting skippers Nabeel Alsalam, Rick, Welch, and Pat McGee for their top 3 rankings in the Spring Series, and to Frank and Rick for their top 2 finishes in the Fall Series, and to Tom Berlin, for his first place award for the Albacore Fall Series.  Rick was given the Fleet Captain’s Award for outstanding service as Race Committee Chair for Spring Series 8; Tom Berlin was awarded the Founder’s Trophy for service above and  beyond the call of member duty, for his continued work , and success, all fall in getting the engine of the 16 skiff working again.  Officers elected to the board for 2010 were: Pat McGee, Commodore; David Thompson, Vice Commodore; Scott Snyder, Rear Commodore; Yates Dowell, Treasurer; Robert Bennett, Secretary; and Jim Graham, member-at-large.

11/07/2009 PRSA Fall Finale Scores

Wow, what a beautiful day for sailing!! Temps were in the 60F’s, winds were blowing straight out of the south at 8 to 12MPH, and the sun was shinning. We sailed out on the river down by the power plant. Got five windward/leeward races in on a fairly long course. Winds were unusually steady, with small waves coming up the river. We had ten Lasers, two hobies and one albacore on the course. Thanks to Frank, Mladen, Brenna, Barney and Jill for doing RC. We had awards, chili and apple cider/rum after racing.
Scores after the break:

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PRSA Fall Finale Regatta, Today, Saturday November 7!!

Today (Nov 7th) is the PRSA Fall Finale Regatta. This is the last regatta of the year  for our fair weather sailing friends, and the first of our winter Laser frostbite season.   Right now the weather looks perfect, A high of 59 degrees is predicted, with sunny skies  and winds from the S at 8 – 9 MPH all day.  We should have a big turn out for this regatta.  Last year we had 3 Albacores, 2 Buccs, 3 Hobies, 3 Lasers, and 5 Lightings show on a day with  questionable weather.  This year we should do better than that!  The Skippers Meeting is at noon and the first warning at 12:40.  Frank is PRO, with Mladen, Brenna, Barney, and Jill as helpers.  We’ll be sailing in the cove or down by the power plant depending on the weather  and how many boats show up. Bring hot Chili and cold beer for the party after.   Hope to see you on the water!

UPDATED! PRSA Fall Finale Regatta, Saturday, November 7!

(As of Thursday, November 5)  Skippers Meeting at Noon; first warning at 12:40 PM; no races start after 3:40 PM.  Here are the SIs.  Frank Gallagher is PRO, with RC provided by the Lightnings.  This is our traditional last blast, with racing in the cove or in front of the power plant. Bring hot chili to share after racing.  Today’s AccuWeather forecast (always subject to change) for Saturday on the Potomac calls for partly sunny skies, winds from the SW at 6 – 7 MPH, and a high of 58 degrees.  The river flow is still well above normal, at 5,080 CFS (gage height 3.4 ft) and the water temperature is 53 degrees.  Come on down!

New Video! Albacores & Lightnings

Check out “Blue Skies”, a 7 1/2 minute video of footage shot on September 20, 2009. We had 2 video cameras out that day, I had one on the chase boat and Keith Strasser the other on the start line, and shot some good footage of Albacores and Lightnings racing. Be sure to click the full screen button on the lower right corner of the player. Enjoy:

Oh yes, Why is it on Youtube and not Zest Factor? This is HD video, and Zest Factor can’t handle that yet. Soon though.

UPDATED! PRSA Fall Series # 7, Today, Sunday, November 1 — Last One for the Fall Series

(As of Sunday, Nov 1) Eric Johnson is PRO, with RC provided by the Albacores and others (Driver and Helper slots are still available).   We got an extra hour of sleep last night, as we switched from Daylight Savings time back to Standard time, so we should be rested and ready to compete.   Today’s AccuWeather forecast (always subject to change)  calls for a partly sunny afternoon (with rain ending in the morning), a high of 53 degrees, and winds from the NNE at 10 – 9 MPH. High tide will be at 6:48 AM; low tide at 1:05 PM (and high again at 6:59 PM)  Sunset will be at 5:08 PM.  The river flow is currently above normal for this time of year, at 7,710 CFS (gage height 3.7 ft).   The water temperature is a seasonal 57 degrees. Round up crew and come on down!

News, Pictures, Etc.



For the last several weeks I have been trying out/building/creating a new way for PRSA to host images and videos. It is called Zest Factor (http://www.zestfactor.com) and is still very much a work in progress. However, its at a stage I need to start seeing if it all works.  I have uploaded and set up 3 play lists of images to share, including the pics Erich Hesse took on 09/20 FS#1. Also pics of Nabeels boat after the T-bone, and Pats boat after the capsize. Enjoy. 

 Links and pics after the break:

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