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Laser Frostbite #3 Report 12/06/09

Frostbiting it was, frozen toes and all!
By Jacob Donkersloot

The day turned out great, notwithstanding yesterday’s snow. Fortunately, there was little left of the white stuff at the Marina, and the sun did its very best to balance the high-thirties temperature.
The winds were light (5-8 mph) from the NW, perfect for a long (by frostbiting standards) W/L course in the cove. Not surprisingly, the winds oscillated a bit and the RC (Len + Barbara Guenther and Jacob Donkersloot) reset the windward mark a bit further away from the shore after the first race.
Six races were completed; all were twice around with an upwind finish (five legs total) and lasted about twenty minutes. As many as sixteen boats competed. It was good to see several winners; Sam Dobbs and David Teale (good to see you back!) placed first twice. Keith Barron and Mike Renda also won a race. David Teale won the day by a slight margin.
Keith Barron won the day for the handicap scores with a first and a third. Nice job

Scores to be posted soon.

Winners Write Up Day #2, 11/29

Tim Zimmermann won the day, below is his write up.

It was a perfect day for Laser racing on the Potomac: not frosty at all (temps in the 60s) and a light sailable breeze from the SSE at 4-6, shifting to SW and increasing a bit.

The first course was set up in the channel. There were plenty of boats racing and a shortish line, so getting a good start (not usually my strong point) was key. The line seemed to be slightly pin-favored and in the first race I set up a few BLs short of the line with about a minute to go because I expected boats to be up on the line fighting for a place in the front row. The tide was coming in, and held boats off the line, so it was easy to hang loose until 10 seconds, before accelerating for the gun. And perhaps because of the current many boats were off the line as the clock counted down, so there was room to put the bow down. I got a good start, and legged out toward the left looking for a header to hitch back to the middle on. The breeze looked okay on the left, and better in the middle. It also looked okay on the right, but up against the shore line it might be unreliable. Boats started to flip over behind me onto port to go back to the middle and I hung on for just a bit longer, lucked into a header and tacked back toward the middle. That was just enough to get a little cushion on the fleet and I was free to sail the shifts up to the windward mark and held that lead twice around, finishing downwind. It was a reminder of how easy tactics and sailing the shifts can be when you are not worrying about clear lanes.

Sometimes things just go your way, and the second race was almost the same as the first. I got another good start and sailed left with Robert Bennett on my windward hip. With the tide very low, I gave him a heads up that I would call for room to tack as the water got thin, and he courteously tacked away. I sailed a few more boat lengths, and tacked into a nice little lift (I wish I could say I planned it that way, but…). So again I had just enough lead to play the shifts and the fleet up to the windward mark, and established a nice cushion that held up twice around.

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Frostbite Day #1, Nov 22nd

Wow, we had a spectacular first frostbite day with excellent turnout!!  Twenty six people participated with twenty one boats!  It was a sunny day and the winds were fairly steady at 10mph all day coming out of the north east and temps were in the mid 50F’s.  We set up an Olympic course in the cove that was approximately 1 mile long and proceeded to have seven races.  Erich won the day and Kevin Cowley won the inaugural handicap scoring. Click here for the scores. We had a good group of new faces and a couple faces we haven’t seen in awhile.  Don’t miss the fun, come on out and sail with us this Sunday and burn off some of that thanksgiving turkey!  See you on the water…

2009 PRSA Awards Banquet and Annual Meeting This Coming Saturday, Nov 14!

This coming Saturday. At the Marina Towers (same place as last year).    RSVP Here.  See details and  who is coming here.  48 have signed up so far. This is a really nice event, and it provides the opportunity to socialize with the sailors you see on the race course on Sundays.  Don’t miss out!

11/07/2009 PRSA Fall Finale Scores

Wow, what a beautiful day for sailing!! Temps were in the 60F’s, winds were blowing straight out of the south at 8 to 12MPH, and the sun was shinning. We sailed out on the river down by the power plant. Got five windward/leeward races in on a fairly long course. Winds were unusually steady, with small waves coming up the river. We had ten Lasers, two hobies and one albacore on the course. Thanks to Frank, Mladen, Brenna, Barney and Jill for doing RC. We had awards, chili and apple cider/rum after racing.
Scores after the break:

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