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Get Ready for the 2014 Sailing Season!

We might still be in the grip of winter, but it is not too soon to think about our upcoming sailing season!  The 2014 PRSA racing calendar has been posted, and now is the perfect time to take care of your PRSA dues and sign up for RC duty for the year so you are all set to go once the season starts.  You can sign up for RC duty and renew your PRSA skipper and associate memberships on the right on the Dues & RC Duty page.  Skippers who have not signed up for RC duty by March 15 will be contacted by their respective fleet captains to help fill first our remaining PRO slots, and then the other slots on the RC schedule.  Skippers, please remember to remind your crews to pay associate dues as well…or, better yet, gift them an associate membership for the year at only $25 as an advance “thank you” for all of the hard work they’ll do on your boat this year!  Pay your dues now and you’re set for the season!

Also, don’t forget to “like” PRSA’s group page if you are on facebook (  We’ll be using that facebook group to post announcements and photos throughout the year along with the PRSA webpage and Yahoo! listserv.  Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming season!

PRSA AGM Highlights

We enjoyed a fantastic pasta dinner at the 2013 PRSA Annual General Meeting (thanks Michelle and Lee) as we handed out awards for the 2013 racing season and discussed several business items.  I’ve provided a summary of the award winners and key discussion points below.  Congratulations to the 2013 award winners and to our new slate of officers!

PRSA Spring Series Awards


  1. Barney Harris
  2. Nich Allen


  1. Jeff Neurater


  1. Ben Arthur
  2. Jim Antonovich


  1. Bobby Astrove
  2. Chris Kozel
  3. Lindsay Bach

PRSA Fall Series Awards


  1. Nich Allen
  2. Barney Harris


  1. Jeff Neurater


  1. Ben Arthur
  2. Jim Antonovich


  1. Rick Welch / Aaron Boesenecker
  2. Nabeel Alsalam
  3. Bob Gotthardt

Founders Award: Aaron Boesenecker

Fleet Captain’s Award: Keith Barron, Steve Parsons, Bruce Heida

Key Business Items

  • Membership is dangerously low, now less than 100 people.
  • The Bayliner has been sold, and we made a small profit!  Thanks to Jeff Neurauter for arranging the sale!
  • The Executive Board  needs to make a decision on if we can afford or need another RC boat.  If you have an opinion or thoughts please contact your Fleet Captain or an Executive Board member.

2014 PRSA Executive Board

  • Commodore: Aaron Boesenecker
  • Vice Commodore: Nabeel Alsalam
  • Rear Commodore: Farley Will
  • Treasurer: Yates Dowell
  • Member At Large: Jim Graham
  • Secretary: Nich Allen
  • Social/Membership Chairs: Lee Saysithsena/Michelle Greenhalgh

2013 President’s/Leukemia Cup: Great Wind, Great Racing, and a Great Celebration!

What a fantastic weekend!  We were pleasantly surprised with great breeze on both Saturday and Sunday, we had tight racing on both the upper and the lower courses, and we had great celebrations after the racing on both Saturday and Sunday.  The folks on the lower course got 6 races on Saturday, and on the upper course we had 4 races on Saturday and 3 more on Sunday.  All told there were 61 boats on our PRSA one design courses (14 Lightnings, 12 Albacores, 10 Cats/Scows, 7 Bucs, 7 El Toros, 4 Flying Scots, 4 Lasers, and 3 Penguins).  You can’t ask for anything more in a regatta!

Many PRSA sailors also supported the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through fundraising efforts and through their own contributions.  As we went into the regatta weekend the fundraising total was trending towards $160,000+ and many sailors made generous donations at registration over the weekend.  I’ll be sure to send along the final totals on the fundraising efforts once those figures are available from the LLS.  In the meanwhile, a huge “thank you” on behalf of the LLS to all of you who contributed to the fundraising effort.

Keep reading for links to scores as well as for some of my observations from the upper course.  Be sure to add in your own comments and recollections as well!

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Olivia Constants Foundation Team Racing Fundraiser

On August 24-25 the Olivia Constants Foundation (OCF) will be holding a Team Race Regatta & Fundraiser up at the Severn Sailing Association (SSA) in Annapolis.  Many of us in PRSA (especially the Lightning Fleet) know the Constants family and the tragic story of Olivia’s death two years ago.  This event is a great opportunity to try your hand at team racing (a clinic is included!), raise some funds for a great cause, and celebrate the spirit of Olivia through sailing and camaraderie.

Those of us in the Lightning fleet have a District regatta up in Havre de Grace, MD, on the 24th and 25th, so most of us won’t be able to make the team race event.  But don’t let that deter you — boats and training are provided, the racing will be great and the celebrations after the racing will be even better!  The folks up at SSA are an awesome bunch, and the weekend will surely be a fun time.  All you need to do is bring a skipper/crew pair and a great attitude!

I’ve posted the regatta announcement and the NOR below, as well as a link to the OCF itself in case you would like more information about Olivia’s story and the work of the Foundation.  You can also find the NOR and registration information on the SSA website.

Regatta Announcement

Notice of Race

Olivia Constants Foundation


Register Now for the 2013 President’s/Leukemia Cup!

Registration is now open for the 2013 President’s/Leukemia Cup Regatta.  You can register for the regatta and sign up to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (optional, but encouraged!) using the registration form on the PRSA President’s/Leukemia Cup Regatta Webpage.  The NOR as well as information on prizes and fundraising incentives from the LLS, has also been posted to the regatta webpage.

Early registration is a huge help for the regatta planners, so sign up now!  Any boat that raises $100 before the regatta will be eligible for LLS racing awards based on your Saturday finishes as well as additional prizes and incentives from the LLS.  Raise more than $100 and you’ll receive additional prizes and goodies from the LLS.  You can request a fundraising webpage from the LLS right on the PRSA registration form, or you can bring cash/check donations to the regatta and turn them in at on-site registration.

Please contact your PRSA Liaison to the LLS, Aaron Boesenecker, with any questions (

President’s/Leukemia Cup Wrap-Up

I just wanted to pass along the final fundraising total, along with a big “thank you!” from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for those who raced, raised funds, and generally supported the LLS mission at the 2012 President’s/Leukemia Cup.  All told, we helped the LLS raise $142,000 in support of their work to research and cure blood cancers!  Many thanks to all of the PRSA sailors who raised funds in support of this fine cause, and congratulations to anybody who braved the conditions on Saturday to race on the first day of the President’s/Leukemia Cup.

For those boats that raised funds and also raised on Saturday, the LLS Racing Awards (based on Saturday’s racing results) will be presented at the 2012 PRSA AGM.


2012 President’s/Leukemia Cup: What A Blast!

Saturday saw breezes of 15-20 kts with gusts to 30.  Rigs came down, boats were upside down, and crews were swimming.  Thankfully everybody made it through safe and sound and we were all on shore when the storm front (with 50+ kt winds!) hit.  Unfortunately, that storm meant that the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society had to shut down the party before fundraising and racing awards were handed out and before the raffle and silent auction winners were announced.  We’ll pass along updated information from the LLS as soon as we receive it, including any information concerning prizes or awards you may have won if you were fundraising for LLS.

Sunday ended up being a gorgeous day with a 10-12 kt NW breeze, wonderful sunshine, and great racing.  The RC did a great job in getting us four races and we all enjoyed a nice BBQ after the racing.  Make sure to post your own comments and recollections from the weekend below!

President’s/Leukemia Cup Results

Register now for the 2012 President’s/Leukemia Cup!

Online pre-registration for the 2012 President’s/Leukemia Cup is now up and running!  You can pre-register your boat and, if you wish to raise funds to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, simply indicate this preference on the PRSA pre-registration form.  The regatta will be held on September 8-9 this year.  We’ve posted the link to the PRSA pre-registration form, a list of key dates, and all the rest of the relevant info to the President’s/Leukemia Cup page.  You can also access this information by clicking the “President’s/Leukemia Cup” link above on the top navigation menu.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact your PRSA Rep to the LLS, Aaron Boesenecker.